My Ode To Stroopwafels

Stroopwafels! I know you come from a land that I haven't been.
I know you are filled with gooey, caramel, deliciousness.
I know you are heavy like the ceramic saucer you come served on, but
I care not.
I care not you are 416 K-calories for the small and over 1000 calories for the large.
I care not that you are full of syrup and sugar and fat and other stuff my doctors condone.
I care not that there are "healthier options" in the horizon.
All I care about is you.
I love to place you delicately in the special space above the rim of my coffee cup and
Let the steam turn your chilled syrup into a warm goo.
I love to gently split you apart and let the caramel spill forth like spider webs from the wafers.
Oh, how I enjoy dunking you in the hot coffee- you're much better than cream and sugar.
The last sip of coffee is always the most enjoyable yet so sad.
I savor it while shaking.

-Daniel Gray

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