Photoblog: Seouleats Instagram

I will admit that I was a Instagram hater at first. I had bought the hipstamatic app on my iPhone because it was so hot back then. I never understood hipstamatic but I did play around with it once or twice. These days I have been playing around with it and it seems to get quite a lot of interaction from people. It makes me want to look at my surroundings more as well. If you would like to follow me, look for Seouleats on Instagram.

First picture is of "Old Town Coffee" a popular coffee drink in Malaysia. This was given to me by my guests (thanks Apxara). The beans are roasted in butter so it has a full, mellow taste.

The second picture is from De Espresso Room in Haebangchon. I had a mocha cap there and it was very well made (4,000 with extra shot of espresso.)

De Espresso Room
38-11 Yongsan-gu Yongsan-dong

The third picture is from Take out Drawing. I had the Tod's Remedy tea which had a mix of ginger, orange peel, licorice and other things (7,500 won). It was a good tea and I love the environment there to do my work.

Take out Drawing
Yongsan-gu Hannam-dong 683-139

Finally the last pictures are of books in the lobby library at the Shilla Hotel. Interesting selection, right?


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