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Seoul Eats Instagram: Avocade Sandwich from Casa Deli

Avocado Sandwich from Casa Deli Had a legit avocado bacon sandwich that only cost me 5,500 at Casa Deli by Ikseongdong. Great bread and fresh ingredients. Support this local cafe! I have seen too many great little places go out of business because of a lack of customers. They will also change the concept in order to localize it. This place is good as it is so let's show our appreciation It's right next to the tteok museum in Jongno 3ga. #avocado #sandwich

Why Avocado Toast and Other Western Food Trends Have not Come to korea

Avocado Toast in Korea So trying to predict the next new food trend is like trying to figure out what the next world-hit, k-pop song is going to be. It seems impossible...sorta because there are certain variables that should be considered. Avocados are like mangosteens are like limes are like dragonfruit, blueberries, aged beef, dry red wine, IPAs, coffee beans and bananas. They start out as new things that many Koreans don't know much about but will buy based on value and appearances. They are thought to be exotic, premium and healthy. So many foods become food hits each year such as quinoa, teff, fava beans, black garlic, etc. Each item becomes a craze and then is incorporated into different foods to add value such as adding green tea to pork belly, moon pies, seaweed, ice cream, shaved ice and much more. Then the food fad is gone because the food was not really understood for what it was. For example, let's look at avocados and mangosteens. The outside shell makes i

Eating at Upscale Korean Hawker Center: D-Tower in Seoul, Korea

Eating at Upscale Korean Hawker Center: D-Tower in Seoul, Korea D-Tower is an impressive food complex with 5 floors of all restaurants. It's like a very upscale hawker experience that is focused on food, beer and coffee. We went to the Powerplant which is like a cafeteria but with beer. Very open atmosphere with a large beer selection. We got the Manimal Platter which was good (55,000 won) but I found quite a few chunks in the pulled pork. The chicken and the pork belly were luscious. I also liked their chili mac n cheese. We also got the lobster roll (19,000) which was alright, but meh for the price. The place is great to hang out with some friends for a few hours or so but I find that I prefer smaller hole-in-the-walls. The only problem I had is that after so much eating and drinking at D-Tower, there isn't much else to do such as shopping or anything else. Let's see if this concept will work in Korea. I hope it does, but I find that most Koreans want it all: shoppi