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Pretty Soju Bottle

Passed out Soju Bottles in Seoul, Korea

Coke Zero Promotional cart

Another shot of the Coke Zero Promotional cart

Young Hee and Young Ah

Mexican Food

6th Grade week of April 24th, My father is a pilot.

James Class

3rd Grade Week of April 24th: What's This?


Teacher's Class

This is my new Apple Keyboard

5th Grade Week of April 24th

A blast from the past

The Garden of Earthly Delights ipod nano gel screen

Which ipod Skin should I get?

One of my favorite blogs is being shut down

More of my CLEAN undies

This is the reason why the divorce rate is SOOO high

Ja jan myeong

Another little 3rd grader

Excellent Express Bus Lobby

LG to Goldstar to GS to LIG

LG changes its name to LIG

Rodents can be cute

The crowded world of Seoul

Love in the Subway: Gangnam Station

3rd Grade week of April 17th. Bye Week.

New Student's Class at 6:30

Dong Young and Hyung Joo's Class

Teacher's Class 3pm-4pm.


5th Grade Week of April 16th: "She's Tall."

CPA Student's Class


6th Grade Week of April 24th, Bye Week: Game Shows

6th Grade week of April 24th, Family Feud Game

6th Grade week of April 17th! NO CLASS! AZA! AZA! AZA!