Banana Grill

The Banana Grill in Hannam Dong-near Danguk University has delicious handmade burgers. the meat is high quality and dripping with savory juices. I had the Mushroom burger today and it was scrumptious. The mushrooms were sliced thin, seasoned, and lightly sauteed and the sweated onions add a bit of sweet.

I often complain about buns, but this one was toasted (which is a sign they care <3) and it complimented the marbled ground beef. And the slight tang of balsamic was also very welcomed.

The prices are reasonable and you can make it a set with a drink and fries for 3,000 more.

Banana Grill: Recommended Seoul B/D 261-6, Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, Korea

02 792 3088

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