Boonie Baker Blues

Hello! My name is Amy and I live in the boonies of Korea. I love to cook, eat, bake, and ... eat... Haha...

If you aren't from the midwest of the States, "boonies" might be a foreign concept but at home it simply means the rural area of any given state/province. Since I originate in the boonies of Wisconsin... I've adapted pretty well (or so I think!) to the boonies of Korea.

Because I love to bake, I've devised some methods of dealing with a toaster oven and given the holiday season, I wanted to share some tips and tricks to baking and cooking in general while living out in the boonies of Korea.

These are some pictures of cookies I've baked for the holiday season. Christmas is fast approaching and if you're interested in dusting off that toaster oven that you didn't know what to do with, check out my blog for the recipes, tips, and tricks to baking!!

The classic sugar cookies!! (yes, these are actually possible to make with a simple toaster oven!)

I hosted a chocolate-chip cookie baking lesson at my apartment for the lady teachers. This was the delicious result:

Linzer cookies! See my blog for the story on these lovely beauties!

My blog is here:

I hope to add much more that will help those of you who find yourself hours from civilization and still with a hunger to enjoy the good things in life!

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