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Photography in Korea, Part 1: Buying a Real Camera (a DSLR)

I've been trying to do this post for a long time, but kept getting bogged down by other things. I get asked so often, "What kind of camera should I get if I want to get more seriously into photography?" that I felt it time to definitively answer the question. And I'm going to be blunt and partisan about it, but it's still the best answer I think to that particular question.

If you are a Nikon fanboy, or don't agree with my recommendations, you can make a comment here or write your own post about it on your own blog; but these are the best recommendations and answer to that question I can think of, and I think people want a straight answer to questions like this, instead of hemming and hawing. Because it's a pretty stressful question. So here's are some issues and answers to several sub-questions that are actually all wrapped up in the original question of what camera to get to take more serious pictures. If you like your P&S -- which has some useful features such as video capture and voice recording -- cool for you! I think they're great for that sort of thing, too. Remember -- YOU said you wanted to get more serious about photography, though? Right? So, assuming that's true, here we go...

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