Korean Style Ribs= Awesome

So about a week ago I got a message on Facebook from another foodie adoptee that was considering coming to Korea to learn about the culture. So, I gave him some advice about living here and how to get visas, jobs, housing, etc and then we started to talk about food. We decided to meet and so we went up to Hongdae to this Korean 등갈비 (deonggalbi) place called RIB's.

It was recommended by a friend of mine and it's over by Seven Springs in Hongdae. If you go out exit 5, make a left. Go straight and then make a right on the road and make a left. Go about a block and then make a left into a little side street. You'll see a sign that says RIB's in big letters.

The place isn't fancy. You'll see poloroids of patrons from the past pasted on the walls. You have three choices for meat: plain with salt, spicy, and black pepper.

The service is great. They are very friendly and enthusastic about the food.

Michael and I got the black pepper and the spicy Ribs. They bring the thick marinated ribs to the table and they finish grilling them right at the table.

The spicy ribs weren't bad. The spice wasn't too heavy so it killed the meat flavor. It was a seeping hot with a 20 second delay. The black pepper ones were my favorite because it's just not that common in Korea. Plus it really brought out the smokey pork flavor.

The Tengjang Chiggae was also quite good and so was the Naengmyun.

The price was a tad high. It was about 9,000 for each serving of ribs. I figure each person could easily eat about 2. I mean the one over in Nowon was a bit cheaper and had a bit more meat.

** (2 out of 4)
서울시 마포구 동교동 169-2
325 3579

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