When Food Bloggers Meet

I was lucky enough to meet Zenkimchi and Fatmanseoul for lunch last week in Myeongdong. It was fun because Fatman took us to a place that had conveyor belt sushi for 1,900 a plate. It was great because the fish was of decent quality and cheap. I had some nice mackeral there and I could tell that the chef had skill because it didn't come out all limp like at some subpar places.

You'll have to ask Fatman for where the place is.

Also, I went to Breadtalk for the first time and...OH...MY...Gosh... I can't go back there. It's just torture because the food is just so good. They have a Choco Granache that's a chocolate bread stuffed with chocolate and then coated in chocolate and it's good. Also they have bread with pork floss. Pork Floss!!! I didn't try it, but next time...Oh...next time.

You can find this place by making a left at Krispie Kreme.

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