Visiting Seoul? This is what you should eat.

Readers, FoodieGymmie is coming to Seoul in April for the Korea Open Marathon and I wanted to pick out some restaurants for him/her. Sorry, tangent. You know what, in the Internet world we need to have a new designation for sex. I mean it would just be weird to call this person
1. it
2. this person
3. she/he him/her

Anyway, FoodieGymmie has a great blog on training and eating. I think I should follow the blog's principle. You should train and then eat. Hmmm...I think I do too much eating and not enough training.

FoodieGymmie said...

This is a great blog! just what im looking for! :)

Anyway, I will be going Seoul in April for the Korea open marathon, after which I will be staying for about 5 days there... is there anything which you highly recommend me to try?

10:51 PM
Daniel Gray said...

Foodie Gymmie,

1. Myeongdong Gyoja for their famous mandu and calguksu
2. Woo Jae Oak for their famous bulgogi and naengmyeon
3. Kwangchangshijang for street food, pajon, and jokbal
4. Uzbekistan and Russian Food around Dongdaemun stadium
5. Taengjang bibimbap in Insadong
6. Hanjangshik at Doorei in Insadong
7. Korean ribs at RIBS in Hongdae
88. Noryrangjin Fish Market for all things seafood.
and many more. I'd be happy to show you around when you get in.

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