Random Pics: Deodeok Mak-gul-ri and giant dung in Daehangno

I take lots of pictures and I never have a chance to upload them for some reason. Uptop is Deodeok Mak-gul-ri from O-mori. O-mori is the famous place of the 3 year old kimchi. The stuff is like a fine cheese.

Next we have Kevin holding his nose in front of some very colorful dung. There are droplets of these in front of the Mickey D's in Daehangno.

The next two pictures are from Pyeongando Jokbal on the famous Jokbal street. The ajummas were pushy and rude, the place was packed to the walls, and the jokbal was like plush velvet meat.

Next meat on a stick and real Vietnamese rice rolls from Ansan. Go to Zenkimchi's blog for more info on that.

And finally...pretty ricecake from Dr. Yoon's Jirisu Cafe. (I know you're getting a whole lot of rice cake posts, but I think it's going to be a huge event and I want you all to participate.^^)


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