Photoblog: H-Diner does American Comfort food with flair

Owner Hyun Jeong Explains the concept and the food of H-diner.

Cool Interior and exterior balcony

The chef serves us drinks.

The Chili at H-diner.

Holy Ribs! A Full Rack smothered in BBQ Sauce at H-diner.

Mmm...Burger with cheddar and Monterrey jack cheese and bacon. Ask them to cook it Medium Rare.

H-diner's Famous Cibatta Sandwich.

Their brunch omlette doesn't look too bad either.

Before I left on my trip to the US, I was invited to H-Diner to introduce the restaurant to all of you. You can find the write up in this month's Groove. Now in Groove there isn't all that much room for pictures, so here they are.


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