Photoblog: The Best Ramen in Seoul

Here is the Ramen in a Booth at Ichi-men

And the magically appearing Ramen from Ichi-men

KoKo-Ro Ramen in Sinsadong

Raw in Gangnam. Miso Ramen with Corn GROSS.

81 Banya Ramen in Itaewon's Wall of Fame. If you eat the humongoid bowl of Ramen, it's free.

81 Banya Ramen in Itaewon

Hakatabunkko (하카타코) in Hongdae

Thick and cloudy, the broth gives life to the noodles. They also give you a garlic press so you can put a whole clove of garlic in it. Sure, it's not your traditional shoyu ramen, but it's damn good.

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