Photoblog: Veteran Calguksu in Jeonju's Hanok Village

Near Jeonju's Hanok Village is a local hotspot: Veteran (베테랑) that serves up delicious Wild Sesame Knifecut noodle soup (Calguksu) and Dumplings (Mandu). It looks deceptively humble, for the tiny storefront hides the huge restaurant (with its own big parking lot) to the side. People drive for hours to get to this place and its the place I'll be going every time I head back to Jeonju.
Veteran 베테랑: Deceptively rustic looking storefront. It looks just like any other store.
Veteran 베테랑: The Mandu are plump morsels of the gods. The pork flavor goes straight to the back of your head.
Veteran 베테랑: The Turnip Kimchi (gatduggi) is delicious as well
Veteran 베테랑: gatduggi
Veteran 베테랑: Interior Shot
Veteran 베테랑: The Calguksu noodles are like silk woven, the broth is like an egg drop broth, but what makes the dish is the wild sesame seed (brown powder).
Veteran 베테랑: Calguksu
Veteran 베테랑: Uncooked Mandu
Veteran 베테랑: This is the main room to the side. It is huge and they have a second floor. The place is always packed.

Veteran 베테랑 Calguksu
In Jeonju's Hanok Village
063 285 9898

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