Foodie Meet-ups and Cooking Classes

Dear Seoul Eats Readers,

Thank you for messaging me and telling me that I need to do a meet-up soon. I'm sorry, but a lot of my time and energy has been going towards the cooking classes and food tours that I have been running on behalf of my company, O'ngo Food Communications.

But, I can't forget about all the people who have read and have been supporting what I've been doing. Thank you so much for reading and getting involved. I'm so happy that there is such an epicurious community in Seoul.

Our last couple cooking classes for pasta making and for temple cuisine were a big hit and we will be doing them again. Also, in June we'll have a brunch class, a healthy foods class, a beer making class, and a wine tasting class. I'll let you know more details soon.

Here is our schedule for our cooking classes and tours can be found on our calendar page here. We have to have a minimum of 4 people to do our classes. Menus can be changed to fit what you would like to learn. Our next scheduled class is this Friday (June 4th) and we'll be making Seafood Pancake, Kimchi Tofu, and a fresh kimchi salad. We will be serving Makgeolli (rice wine) with the meal. The market tour starts at 10am and the cooking class will finish by 1:30. The tour and cooking class costs 60,000 per person. Please contact me if you are interested.

This weekend we'll be doing a Vegetarian Temple Cuisine Class. In this class we'll be making Temple Style, vegetarian bibimbap, Zucchini Soybean Paste Soup, Fresh Greens Salad with Roasted Soybean Dressing. This will be served with a seasonal side-dish, rice, drink and makgeolli. The class will be taught in English by Chef Shawn Park. The food, class, and drinks will be provided. Class will start at 11am  and again at 4pm and there is a maximum of 8 people per class. Please e-mail me here or call at 010 6661 7769. Here's the information on the facebook page.

As for now, this Saturday night, I would like to invite members of the expat community to join me on my Night Dining Tour. Usually the tour costs 80,000 per person, but I'll offer it at a special promotional rate for only 60,000 per person. The cost includes the tour and all food and drink. Contact me for more information. You can find more information about the night tour here: Maximum 6 people per tour.

Next weekend, May 12th, we'll be doing another Korean Taste and Tea Tour. Contact me to sign up.



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