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At the end of August, our current Chef Shawn Park will be leaving us to go to Australia to do some filming for a TV show, so our company is in search of another chef to join our company. The information is below. If you know anyone that's an experienced chef (preferably Korean or an F-2 or F-4 visa holder) please refer them to us. In the next week, we'll be moving to our new studio in Insadong. We'll be able to run regular classes throughout the week in Japanese and in English.



O'ngo Food Communications (, a culinary education and consulting company in Seoul is looking to hire a Chef that specializes in Korean cuisine. Ideally the candidate should be able to speak English and Korean and have experience in cooking Korean Cuisine. The candidate should be well spoken and look professional. Those who can speak Japanese would be highly regarded for this position.

The chef/teacher will oversee our new 50 person cooking studio in Insadong.

Duties include teaching how to cook Korean food to travelers and expatriates to Korea, developing menus, assisting in culinary restaurant tours, assisting in marketing of cooking classes, and appearing on various media as a spokesperson for O'ngo Food Communications. 

The ideal candidate should be a Korean citizen or have an F2 or F4 visa. Degree in culinary arts (either 2 or 4 years), restaurant experience, Japanese language, and teaching experience is helpful. Those with an expert knowledge of Korean food and Korean food culture would be highly regarded for this position. Also, the ability to work as a member of a team and willingness to learn is helpful.

Ideal Candidate will work 40 hours a week. Working hours are usually from 9am-5pm Monday through Friday, but this often changes depending on tourists schedules. Sometimes we have Saturday classes, if this happens, the chef will have an additional week off during the year. Medical insurance will be provided and 1 week paid vacation per year. Salary is between 1.2 to 2 million won a month depending on experience and qualifications.

Selected candidates will go under a provisional period for 1 month before final decision is made in hiring. During this time the candidate will be trained in the duties and how to teach cooking classes. During the provisional period, the salary will be half of the predetermined salary.

Interested candidates should send their resume to Jia Choi PhD at

O'ngo Food Communications Culinary School
Jongno-gu, Nagwon-dong 55-1 3rd Floor, Seoul, Korea
Experience Korean Culture Through Cuisine

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