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Some Konglish I noticed as I was grading papers. For example, if a student takes online learning as a time to play, he/she would not want to write because he/she will not have the pleasure   to write.   The student meant pressure...I think. For example, if you learn online instead of going to school, then you will loose the ability to play and learn with a lot of other people. 

I am buying this when I get home

Skype Phone for Mac YAY! Skype Handset for Macs! Yes! READ MORE: Mac, Skype, VoIP skypemac.jpgAs useful as Skype is, Mac users have been on the short end of the stick when it comes to handsets. That is, until now! IPEVO is coming to the table, showing Mac users that their platform hasn’t been forgotten. The Free-1W looks as nice as anything to come out of Cupertino and comes in either Alpha (opposed to beta) White or Ultimate (opposed to Fantastic) Black. For $30, Mac users really can’t go wrong (not that they have a choice). Skype Handset for Mac Users [eHomeUpgrade]

The MacGyver Table

  It looks like an innocent table, but it turns into a weapon of battling doom! Dan 

Wonmyeong Queens of the Day

  Happy Kwanzhanamas Everyone! Dan 

Jolly Jocose Fellow or Mafia Hitman

I question the motives of Santa Claus. Is he the pristine jocose fellow we all adore with cookie crumbs crumbling on his red velvet getup, chimney soot on his white elf stitched gloves, and lactate caked like cheese in his beard or is he something a little more sinister. Every year he carries around “children’s playthings” or “toys” to all the “good” boys and girls, but come on are any of them really deserving of anything. “Good” is such a tepid transient word. I mean he runs around in his fancy suped up turbo sled led by an alcoholic reindeer with a glowing red nose. And it’s obvious the rest of the reindeer gang, you know Dancer and Prancer and Donner and Blitzen, are all coke feigns. How else do you think they go around the whole damn world in one night? You wanna know the truth? I think Santa started out as a cat burglar. You know since he slips into the house in the dead of night while everyone is sleeping with dreams of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and Pokemon creat

Truth or Dare Class

  I am teaching commands today and playing Truth or Dare. This has been one of my least successful classes because the stress of the class has caused two students to cry. Hmmmm. I'm thinking that I'm going to have to rework it. I think I should just do my shopping class and forget the whole game thing. I don't know today. I'm sick and I'm burned out. I need to go home. Self-esteem level is at an all time low. I need to go back to America. Not to say that returning to America would make my life so much more optimistic. Subconsciously I'm retreating into my cave. Let's just get through today. 


Test again...where did my blog go?

My Love affair with Blogger is ending

I'm really starting to HATE Blogger!  I mean I wasted a whole week trying to get virtual PC 7 to work on my PC with Picasa2 only to find out that I can't add photos to my blog through Picasa.  Instead I have to add pictures through Hello through Picasa to my blog.  Now today (and this has been my ongoing plight since I started to use Picasa and Hello) is that I can't access my blog on a regular basis.  I'm currently on the search for a new blogging system.  One that is integrated with iphoto and macs more.  I'm also on the search for a new web site design program because .mac is ridiculously priced and actually not that great.  Yes, I'm turning into an internet nerd, but I don't care.  I like to retreat into my little cave. Dan -- Daniel Lee Gray Yeoksam, Seoul, South Korea MSN dnlgray

False Alarm

  My 3rd and 4th graders have a test today. Class is canceled. Yay!!!! I mean I am outraged. I had great lessons planned today in order to infect them with the English Language! 

Tuesday Dec 6th

  Look! Spiderman It is my busy day. I have 3rd grade classes and 2 4th grade classes. I'm doing my puzzles class today. I'm getting the 4th graders to copy a passage off the board and the 3rd graders I'm making them give directions to a blind folded student. The blindfolded student must find the ball. 

I've gotta get my poker face on

  It is time to go look for a new apartment. Wish me luck. Dan 

In Korea, you too can be a rock star

  I love teaching in Korea. Yeah, the food tends to get boring, the dating scene is elusive, riding the subways is akin to a week's worth of constipation, strange smells smack you like a Al Quada bombshell, oh and shopping in department stores is like running a gauntlet while a myriad of short skirted, aggressive, girls push toothpaste and ketchup like it was crack. If you teach in Korea you can be a rockstar. The only requirements are that you have to be interesting and be able to speech English. 

This is why I don't take a dump at my school

  Seriously....look at the toliet. I'd be afraid of falling on my ass and pissing all over myself. It's not pretty, but then again, my ass touches the asses of thousands of others when I sit on the porcelain throne. But still...I don't like to fight gravity when I'm taking a dump. Dan 

Wonmyeong Queen of the Day

  So I spend most of my time at school fooling around on the computer instead of making fully engrossing English lesson plans for my wonderfully cool students. Last week I did a class on Harry Potter and a board game- Truth or Dare. I'm finding that it's getting harder to come up with good material. I'm thinking for third graders that I should do a directions class, but I've lost track of which classes I've actually done that exercise with and which ones I haven't. I need to do about 2 more interesting lessons and then I have Christmas week, which is utterly cake, because I'm just going to talk about Christmas stuff and then show Elf. The last week, I figured I could show the rest of Elf or play games the whole time. I like to play games and it's what they seem to respond to. I need to get them interested in something other than Harry Potter though. I guess they also like Naruto too. There is some new kind of toy it looks like a squid or somethi
Did it work? 

I'm trying to get Picasa to work with Blogger

  Why won't it work? Huh? It should work. Test 

Harry Potter Skit for 4th and 5th Grade Classes

Hermione:  Professor Dumbledore!   Professor Snape gave me an A- in potions! Dumbledore:   Now Hermione, you need to shut up.  Damn bat Avra Cadabra! He isn't me! Hermione:  But he is working for Voldemort! Dumbledore: Run along girl or I'll turn you into a dung beetle!                 Hermione Leaves Hermione: Professor sure is acting strange.  I'll put on this invisiblity cloak and follow him.                 Professor Dumbledore takes off his mask to reveal, gasp, that he is really Voldemort! Voldemort: Snape!  Cruxio!  Hermione is suspicious!  Cruxio again! Snape: Master...Ow...Sorry....She was bothering me!  Ow. Voldemort: I'll turn you into a dog! POOOF Snape:  Woof.  Woof. ******************* Hermione: Harry, Ron, Professor Dumbledore is really Voldemort! Harry and Ron: Oh, no!  What should we do? Ron: Wait.  I have a plan. ********************* Harry: Professor.  Here is a present from me.  Good-bye! Professor Dum