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Photoblog: Paris

Hi everyone. I am lucky to be strolling the city on a short layover before heading back to Seoul. I plan on eating and seeing as much as I can before I leave though. Here is some of what I have seen and eaten. I will be uploading more soon but there is so much to see and do still. Also I have to tell you about the great meal I had with Le Foodist Dan

Chowzter Food Tour: Epic Sandwiches

Most people travel to different destinations for two reasons. The first reason is a major attraction such as a mountain, temple, landmarks, etc and the second is food. With the Chowzter group, we are traveling for food and boy are we eating and drinking a lot. I went straight from my first food tour to the second with Chowzter. We returned to Borough market where I had an epic sausage pasty that had some sage and garlic. It was about the size of my fist and it was excellent. We then had the most amazing grilled cheese ever. The chef put a ton of cheese on bread and pressed it until the bread was impregnated with cheese. Wow....We also had a raclette there. After this we took a long walk along the Thames where I got to see the Shakespeare Globe Theatre and great views of London. Then we went to Story, a speakeasy of a pizza joint where the chef serves organic pizzas using all local products. He doesn't even use yeast (because he couldn't find organic yeast) so the pizza is se

Food Tour in London with Mind the Gap in London

I had an epic food day. I mean I don't ever think I have ever eaten so much. I took two food tours in one day. One was with Mind the Gap Tours in the morning starting at 930am and then I took a food tour with the Chowzter group. First I took a tour with Mind the Gap. I made a very last minute booking in the morning because I didn't know what was scheduled for the day. I took a 20 pound taxi ride from my hotel to Brixton Station to start. I love the taxis here and it is a great way to see the city. If I had time to take the underground I would have, but I couldn't that morning. I met the group at Brixton Station at 930am and there was a very cheerful group of 10 others. Most were locals, while 4 of us were from overseas: 3 americans (including me) and a person from Singapore. Our guide (shucks, I can't recall her name) started us out with introductions and an overview of the area. We had some tastings on the street. The first bite was a Jamacian salt cod sandwich and a

The Civilized Majesty of London

I am impressed with London. The streets, the architecture, the people, the food. I am impressed. The subways and are clean and efficient. The cabbies are wonderful people (and I love the cars). It's a hip city and I am impressed. I am in London as an representative of Seoul for the food company Chowzter who has curated all the best eats around the world by picking local experts. I am humbled to be the representative for the food city of Seoul. This Sunday they will be having an award ceremony to pick the tastiest fast eats in the world. I am hoping that some dishes from Korea will make the list. Until then, I am hanging out this great group of foodies and we'll be exploring London's great culinary landscape. I have also done some journeying of my own. Last night I was lucky enough to dine at the private club of Mosimann's . The dinner was exceptional. This morning I am having a full English breakfast at South Place Hotel. The excellent hotel that the Chowzter folks h