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8 ways to kill someone with an iPod Nano

EIGHT WAYS TO KILL SOMEONE BY USING AN IPOD NANO, ACCORDING TO EX-MARINE BRAD COLLUM. BY KEVIN FLEMING - - - - 1. Break it in half with your hands (very easy to do) and use the glass viewing screen's broken edge as a razorblade to slice the jugular when they are looking the other way. 2. Take off one sock (a dress or tube sock; pantyhose will work in a pinch), place the Nano in the sock, swing it around as fast as you can (being careful to not hit yourself), and whack the intended target right on the temple. 3. Take the reflective shiny part and catch the sun's ray and shine it in a vehicle driver's eyes, or if you are at a rock concert and the lead singer is prancing around on a center stage that protrudes into the audience like a phallus, you can use the same technique. 4. The cord on the earbud headphones can be used to strangle someone. A knee in the back can give extra leverage. 5. Dig a pit about 5 feet deep, then take about 15 3-foot-long stakes 2 inches in

Interesting Korean tid-bits

Korea or Corea? Originally uploaded by The_Adventures_of_Stephen_Heckman . My lesson today was on how different cultures have important manners. There is this great website called TOPICS and it has some really great articles written by students that are studying ESL. Here's the link. Anyway, we talked about some different country's customs like in Chile they greet each other by kissing each other on the right cheek. One of the students said that she wanted to go to Chile, while another one said that she would punch that person. In Turkey, male drivers are expected to yield to women drivers and give them the right of way. They should also let her have dibs on parking. My students were a bit envious of this because they say that in Korea, male drivers tend to ignore women drivers and even resent them because they feel women shouldn't drive. You know how in America that men should open the door for women? I'

Brainstorming a play

I am thinking about writing a play about the Korean education system.  Some parts of it will have to do with confusing words in Korean and English.  For example 커피 coffee could be confused by a foreigner by 코피 Ko pi which means nose blood. So a joke could be, I walked into a cafe and I asked for a coffee and and I got punched in the nose. 배추 bae chu sounds like a sneeze.  옥수수 corn just sounds funny. 


This sounds like a very interesting game.  I think I'm going to have to give it a try one day. Get a memo pad place one on the board it has a direction such as look under the teachers desk then under the teachers desk place one that says look on the window on the window place another one and so on. These should be placed around the classroom and may ultimately lead outside the class or even outside the school. You may have more than one different color memo pads for each different team. The idea being that you send different teams out on treasure hunts. You may have a treat at the end Check out this website.  It's a great resource fo ESL teachers^^ D:

I'm trying to learn Korean

For some odd reason I've decided that I'm going to start a language exchange group and try to learn Korean. We'll see how it works out.  Two days ago I decided put an announcement on the Korean Herald asking if anyone was interested in language exchange and I instantly got like a ton of responses - 9 to be exact. Although some of them seem nice, I was put off by the desperateness of the responses.  I mean, I asked questions like, "tell me about yourself. What would you like to learn?, etc" and they rushed through their responses and said that they wanted to learn everything.  Then, when I asked them if they had any questions for me, they just asked when we could start.  Isn't it important to find out a little about each other first?  I guess it wasn't.  I think there are two people that I would like to study with, but one I can barely understand in English.  What to do.  I was thinking I could start a language exchange group, but I wonder how much we coul

Yesterday I got a vacuum cleaner with good suckage.

Holistic Forge Works Vacuum Portraiture Originally uploaded by NineInchNachos . Because suckage is a very important attribute for a vacuum. It's a standup model that has like a cyclone crap catcher and it gets all the schnizzle off my floor. I'm happy with it. There is more to the vacuum because buying it means that I'm becoming domesticated and well, I might be in Korea for a while. I'll explain later.

Words that Koreans can't pronounce properly

which can often lead to confusion Some of these I've noticed but many of them are from Dave's ESL cafe library becomes rivarly fifteen becomes fifty thirteen becomes thirty all the teens they tend to confuse backyard becomes bangyard nickname becomes ningname chipmunk becomes chimmunk better becomes budder election becomes erection lazy becomes ragey career becomes korea word becomes world square becomes scare zoo becomes sue beach becomes bitch city becomes shitty vaccume becomes... They sure do murder Gwyneth Paltrow's name, in a discussion about movies etc it took me forever to work out what they meant when they said "Guinness Pahtro". " The one that I seem to hear a lot is when a nasal sound is inserted out of the blue between a word ending in "t" followed by a word beginning with "y", e.g. "what you want" becomes "whan nyou want". Interesting stuff

Stupid .hwp files!

North Korea Preparing Missile Launch Originally uploaded by bluevoice8 . North Korea Preparing Missile Launch I've been trying to find out a way I can open .hwp files on my Mac and it's honestly impossible. I'm going to have to download- I mean buy^^ a couple of word just so I can can get the reader to work. Wait that's really stupid because I can just down-- I mean buy a copy of hanword. Yeah. that's a fine idea. I just hate this because it's all because Windows sucks ass and one of my students can't use Microsoft word on her PC because it makes her computer act erractically? and shut down. STUPID STUPID Microsoft. My first writing class yesterday was nice. It went well and my students seem smart and receptive. I'm not so sure about their writing yet- I'll find out on Saturday. I established what I was going to do this semester and I laid down the law of what I was and was not going to accept. Also grading should be easier because

Getting me through the day

Red rose fading Originally uploaded by lcarol . Fatboy Slim is getting me through this Monday. The energy is necessary. My kids are overly hyperactive. I had a third grade girl just break down and start crying in front of the class because one of the boys called her crazy. Another kid took a ball, a foam ball and winged it at my head. I wanted to smack him, but I can't. My last class was a lot better. They were really fun and cute. They liked doing the skit and they all sang the wheels on the bus. The game was fun too. A couple of kids tried to take the magnetic teddy bears, but other kids brought them back for me. They are doing the mei-lon thingy now outside my window. Basically they say mei-lon, mei-lon as they stick out their tongue. I guess it's their version of our raspberry sans spit. I have one more class before lunch time. My stomach is acting a bit funny- it must have been the breakfast I had this morning. Dan

3rd Grade Birthday Lesson Review and a whole bunch else.

Happy Birthday | August 14, 2005 Originally uploaded by definitely . I know I haven't written in a while, but I blaming it on Zack. He's the one that got me into Starcraft and I wasted a couple of days of my life. It's ok. I yanked the program from my mac and I don't plan on playing it again. I've got too much to do this week. Tonight I have James Sr's Lesson. His son called me on Friday night because I left a paper at his apartment. It just had like a road map and directions- nothing important. He thought it was important. It's nice that he thought of me. I plan on talking to Mr. James about the political election and how he feels Korean politics will benefit or not benefit from having a one party system. I have to read Plato's Republic this week for a lesson on Saturday and I'm meeting Eun Hoon? for Korean lessons tomorrow. Today for my third grade class I'm going to do review from the book and sing The Wheels on the Bus Song.

Teacher's Class today

Start off with Vocabulary Matrix log/logue It means word or thought di means 2 so dialogue-spoken words between 2 people. travelogue- a diary, thoughts or notes about traveling to a specific place. logic-a system or a way of thinking logically. monologue-one person speaking prologue-An introduction usually for a poem or a novel. apologue-A moral fable, especially one having animals or inanimate objects as characters. Then go over the homework which is the recipe they had to write and then the book, Exploring English. Dan