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For Sale

I am getting rid of waste and here's what I've got. I live in Haebangchon and pick up would be preferable around there or Noksopyeong Station. Pictures of everything for sale can be found here. email me at All prices are OR BEST OFFER. Spliff me all you want. I really don't care. 22inch LCD TV with video out. It has a swivel platform, it can be wall mounted, and you can even plug in your computer and use it as a second monitor. 225,000 iPod Nano 2nd generation 8GB Black 130,000 ipod shuffle 2nd generation 40,000 iPod sportwrap armband for ipod classic 8,000's a link to the specs about the monitor Duplex hot water kettle 1.2 Liter 12,000 Bono Bass speakers 10,000 Ampac sling bag 12,000 Kensington white computer lock 10,000 G-combo vga upscan converter- play wii or PS2 on your computer monitor 10,000 Green Nara anion air cleaner 10,000 G

Gluhwien and Mexican food

Tonight I'm going to be hosting a quiet New Years celebration. People would probably like to know what is on the menu. My theory on appetizers is that it should be able to be eaten with the fingers with minimal mess and disturbance of conversations. Appetizers should also have a liberally based theme. Also all of this should be done without breaking the bank. The drink that everyone is aching for is gluhwien- the warmed mulled wine. I view gluhwein as a warm Sangria and I think the best food to mix with this would be "slightly Mexican." I will make red bean with roasted tomato nachos, mango salsa, and roasted corn chicken enchiladas. I know it doesn't sound too exciting, but I will use fresh ingredients in order to jazz it up a bit. Plus, it will go nicely with the gluhwien. I have been doing a recipe search for Gluhwien and one the first nugget of information I found is that it literally translate to "Glow Wine"- I think it is perfectly named. Here are the

How To Kill a Chocolate Bunny in Three Exciting Ways!

What is the shelf life of Tofu?

At times, I suffer from "Food Paranoia." I blame my mother who would root through the refrigerator every Saturday and pull out anything that was a minute past the expiration date. Milk, one day past the expiration date, would be yanked out; she believed it was a carrier for ebola or mad cow disease. Meals would be strategically planned in order to use up condiments that were approaching their fated departure. One week we only ate hot dogs, hamburgers, and other sandwiches that could use the giant bottles of ketchup, mustard, and relish that my father bought at Costco. It was a tug of war in my household because my father was the one who took out the trash. As my mother was throwing food away, he would pull out the condiments from the garbage and return it to the refrigerator- he was so frugal that, to him, dysentery was a small price to pay for items he bought at full price. My mother did not catch on at first and believed her refrigerator was haunted- the ghosts of condime

It's a Chef Meili Christmas

Chef Christian Meilinger's restaurant, Chef Meili, knows how to make people feel like a celebrity. On Christmas Eve I went to his restaurant with 8 of my friends to indulge in roast goose, turkey, duck confit, and gluvine. We started with gluvine: warmed mulled wine spiced with cloves and oranges. It, as my friends said, tasted like Christmas. We also had the house Austrian wine: medium dry with hints of currants and black cherries. It was also a refreshing addition to the meal. First course was the beet soup with horseradish threads. Beet soup? The consensus at the table was that it was "divine." The slightly tangy and sweet beets not only had a brilliant shade, the taste was bright in the mouth like a red balloon flying up towards gray clouds. The horseradish threads accented the dish with a inquisitive bite and a realization that "horseradish" was definitely misnamed- this root vegetable was more like a fine fennel with a tidbit of licorice. The main course b

Happy Kwanzhanamas Everyone

Kwanzhanamas is the festival for all. I wish you all a Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, and Christmas. And those for those that are Muslim, Happy Kwanzaaramadahanamas! Dan

Lemon Bars

It's no wonder that my students love me. Very easy to make and perfect for large classes. One is usually enough- two induces cavities. This is a classic recipe from Paula Dean that I doctored up a bit. Crust 2 cups flour 1 cup brown sugar 1 tablespoon corn starch a pinch of salt 2 sticks butter Filling 4 eggs 2 cups sugar 2 tablespoons corn starch the zest and juice of two lemons 1 tablespoon lime juice Heat the oven up to 176 degrees Celsius (350 degrees F) Grease any pan you want to make the lemon bars in. I used two bread pans and a tart pan. Mix the crust mixture- rub the flour and butter until it resembles course meal. Press the crust mixture into the pan and back for 20 minutes- the top should be lightly tan. Mix the filling mixture. ADD the corn starch separately by adding a little bit of hot water to it and forming a slurry. Pour the filling mixture on top of the crust and bake for 25 minutes.

Dick Stick

No joke. This is a real snack in Korea. It's a breadstick with sesame on it. I didn't eat it, I bought it more for the novelty. You can find this at a Ministop near you. Dan

The Wolfhound in Itaewon

Here's an e-mail I received from one of my favorite bars in Itaewon. They have great fish and chips and a decent Caesar salad. O.K. back to work. Dan Seasons Greetings from us at the Wolfhound Irish Pub & Restaurant! The staff and management at the Wolfhound would like to wish everyone a very happy holiday and invite you to join us at the Wolfhound Pub & Restaurant in Itaewon for lots of holiday cheer. We would like to invite you to the following special events being held at the Wolfhound Irish Pub & Restaurant this holiday season. Christmas Eve Party - Monday Dec. 24 DJs and dance floor upstairs Drink Specials No Cover Charity Christmas Turkey Buffet Dinner - Tuesday Dec. 25 30,000 won per person Dinner served at 5pm. By Reservation only. (Pre pay) We are still accepting reservations. There are few places left. Email us or book directly at the bar. New Year's Eve Party - Monday Dec. 31 DJs and dance floor upstairs Countdown Champagne Specials With the end


Great atmosphere and the food is delightful and very different from what else you can get in Korea. I really enjoyed the stuffed porked chops with emmental cheese and veggies. The Spinach Rollada- the rolled up green and white thingies are absolutely mouthwatering-lightly spiced, the cheese rounds out the flavor in this sophisticated dish. The lamb was a bit gamey, but the rice on the side was herbaciously delightful- it had a slight nutty, Turkish flavor. The stuffed chicken was a big hit. Who would have thought that kosher dill pickles would have made a nice stuffing. Oh, and on a cold day, I recommend the chicken stew. It's like a Bulgarian Chili/French Onion Soup- the flavor is faintly curry like, but not at all overpowering and the ample melted cheese on top makes this dish feel like a warm kitchen. Here is the cyworld link to their site: Sorry, I have to rush this post. My students beckon.

How to Fillet a Flounder.

Last night, I decided to make dinner for a couple of my friends. I made curried rice noodles,balsamic spinach, tzikiki, and flounder. Flounder in Korea is 도다리 and I was able to pick a large one-enough for two large fillets for 5,000 won. After I bought the fish, I thought that the fish monger would fillet the fish for me but all that he did was chop off the fins and then into 3 pieces- bones intact. I suppose the the fish monger expected me to turn the fish into a soup. I decided that the next time I get a fish I should fillet it myself. Here is a website I found that has step by step instructions on how to prepare a fish for dinner. Here's the link.

Reminder: Zelen Wine Party on Friday Night.

It's always a good time and there is a good chance that I'll be there. Wear something red and white. December 21 Zelen Wine Party. It’s no longer a speakeasy and the hip have found their niche at Zelen. There is an array of Bulgarian cuisine and an all you can drink wine bar. Semi-formal dress code. Wear something red and white for the special price of W25,000. 749-0600.

Tum Sae Ramyeon

In Myeongdong there is a famous Ramyeon (or ramen if you prefer) house. It is down the main drag from the big movie theater. And don't worry, if you can't find it, just say Tum Sae Ramyeon- a curious bystander will point the way. The Ramyeong is spicy. I mean really, really, REALLY spicy-but don't let that deter you. The cooked and drained noodles are put in a pool of spicy gochujang laced broth (but I wouldn't encourage you to eat the broth unless you have an adamantine stomach). The flavor is rich, powerful and the aftermath is the best food-endorphin induced high. It is literally fire in a bowl. I want to go back and feel the burn. The staff is super friendly, mom-like, and there are thousands of notes all over the walls. This Ramyeon house has been featured in the Times magazine, and KBS. Check it out. Epicourageous Dan

Aaron from Hell's Kitchen

Poor Aaron. Aaron gets a bad wrap, but I just gotta love the guy. He's like a bear that has his nose stuck in a trap because he was chasing a fluttering butterfly that just happened to pass by.

Matt Gross on the Travel Channel Matt Gross will be on the show 25 Mind Blowing Escapes. Oh, how I wish I had cable in America. Here's the message from Matt and let's all demand that Matt Gross get his own show! From Matt Gross: Subject: If you own a television: " may want to turn it to the Travel Channel this Thursday at 8pm. That’s when I’m slated to appear as a ranting, raving, eye-rolling talking head on “25 Mind Blowing Escapes.” (Yes, it’s missing a hyphen, but I’m not proofreading anymore.) This could very well be my breakthrough moment on TV—or my very first moment of nationwide humiliation. Or maybe both. Either way, it should be entertaining. Watch it if you dare! (And if you like, take the survey at and demand the Travel Channel give me my own show.) Cheers, -- Matt Gross

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It's the end of the year stuff at work. Grades, grades, grades!

Have a Toque Christmas

Here's an e-mail that I received from Jane Chang of Toque. Check it out and try to make reservations fast, because these dinners always fill up. Dan Hello Toque Friends, I hope your plans for the holidays are coming along well. Many of you are calling in and asking about our Christmas Eve Course Menu and Christmas Brunch menu. I've FINALLY made a decision on the menu and so here is what we'll be preparing. Christmas Eve Course \40,000 6:30 p.m. & 8:30 p.m. Includes 1 Glass of Red/White Wine 1. French Onion Terrine with Caramelized Onion 2. Potato Bisque with Roasted Red Pepper Coulis and Onion Chips 3. Caesar Dressed Leaves with Olive Tapenade and Walnut Gorgonzola 4. Seared Scallop with Chive Sauce and Cod Quenelle with Dill-Cucumber Relish 5. Chicken Guazetto with Saffron Rice Ball 6. Mushroom Duxelle stuffed Steak with Red Wine-Balsamic Sauce 7. Warm Chocolate Bread Pudding with Creme Anglaise Christmas Day Turkey Brunch \35,000 11:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Hubble wants to thank everyone for coming to a Very Haebangchon Christmas

Check out the comic. Dan

Toque Review from

I wrote a restaurant review for Toque restaurant near Hangangjin station. I'm critical, but don't misunderstand; I really like Toque and will continue to go there, these are simply my observations of the restaurant. Here's an excerpt: Toque Diner's identity seems to be a mystery. The subdued bricked decor suggests New York and yet the name implies French- toque being the tall white pleated hats worn by chefs. The menu is diverse-a cacophony of Italian, French, Swedish, Southwestern American, Homestyle American, sandwiches, burgers, tapas...; it's a bit overwhelming. It makes me ponder the chef's influences and if the restaurant is capable of such a cosmopolitan menu. I have been to Toque Diner on several occasions during the last month and the service is always very pleasant- the waitresses serve every dish with a considerate smile- and the interior decor feels like a nice drowsy hug. The place seems like the perfect home away from home for weary expatriates and

Rosemary Roasted Chicken

When I get bored, I cook. Here is a video on how to make a classic dish that's perfect to fend off those cold winter evenings.

Ape with Pipe Review

Here is a copy of the review that I wrote for Eloquence Magazine. And by the way, this is the correct version before it was edited. I must add, I went there last night and it was a blast. It is a wonderful lounge to hang out in and have a couple of martini's. I heard they just revamped their menu. I'll have to go back and give it another try. Dan Ape with Pipe (Ratings are out of 4 stars) Food ** Atmosphere *** Service *** Value ** Location: Itaewon Mediterranean Bistro Open: Mon-Sun 11-12:30 749-0903 Contributed by Daniel Gray On top of the hill across from Noksopyeong station, you might notice a walkway lined the most peculiar round stones in front of a quaint wooden gate that leads downstairs to some place named “Ape with Pipe.” Next time, let curiosity kill the cat and take a gander. You will instantly be impressed with the atmosphere. The restaurant has an eclectic music mix and the interior- outlined in wood and brick- feels warm. I went

Epicourageous: Carol and Matt