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WTF: Placenta Cream with Vibrating Applicator

Need I say more? It's food for your skin and can be found at Tony Moly's for only 78,000 won a bottle. Hmmm…yeah…placenta cream. Makes you wonder where they got the placentas (or is it placentis). I mean, the South Korean government seized pills made with ground up dead babies. (See here: ). The vibrating applicator does make it easy to get it into the pours. I asked the salesperson about this and they told me it was a top seller at Tony Moly's. They told me, "regular use would rejuvenate skin, reduce wrinkles, and whiten skin." I wonder what they will think of next. Maybe they'll think of something for the male market.

Save Money and Get Wasted! - Free Alcohol Refill Joints in Seoul

(Click images for sources) If you're traveling to Korea and looking for some bars in Seoul, there’s plenty to choose from. But we’re all trying to save a bit of cash, right? Find out where to go in Seoul for free refills on alcohol so you can get wasted the cheapest way possible! (This post was originally posted at ) Ssada! Maekju! in Hongdae I'm  Sexy  Cheap and I Know it The title doesn't leave much to the imagination (ssada maekju = "It's cheap! Beer!"). So if having a few beers at a cheap price is your idea of a good time, head over to Hongdae to find this college town watering hole. Hopefully, you'll be surprised by the better-than-expected interior along with the inexpensive anju (안주). But who are you kidding. The only reason you're reading this is because you want to find a cheap place to go drinking in Seoul. And this place has got what you want: free refills for draft beers (8,000 won/person) and soju (5,000won/person). Tip: The


This is a dessert from Jungsikdang. It is in the shape of an Onngi (a Korean fermenting pot) that was filled with chestnut cream.

Mother's Food

My mother came to my house and cooked me dinner. I am such a lucky boy. I have chili leaf, potato, cucumber, and bean sprout side dish and bean sprout soup.

Ice Cream Waffle at Beans Bins

I am out with my mother in Seoul so we did some lunch and I did some shopping and now we are relaxing at Beans Bins Coffee having an ice cream waffle. What you get is two scoops of ice cream (my mother ordered vanilla and strawberry). The ice cream comes on a big waffle topped with banana, whipped cream, grapes and powdered sugar- oh and chocolate syrup, I just found out it was the first time she ever had this and she says it is, "cool and delicious." She asked if it was bread and I told her it was like a pancake or fish bread (뽕어빵). She likes it very much. For me it is nothing special, but I have had this before at different places. I think the waffle is too light and there is too much whipped cream. The ice cream is good and the bananas are ripe. For 13,500, it is a bit expensive and my mother scolded me about this. But then again, we are here for the experience. To spend the afternoon with my mother is worth more than all the money in the world. Beans Bins Coffee Jung-Gi

Live Blog: Le Toques Blanches Dinner at Tartine

I am in Tartine Alley in Itaewon having dinner with the chef's association at Tartine Annex. We are discussing this month's events and having a great meal courtesy of Chef Garrett of Tartine.

Hu's Table: a Discombobulated Italian Cafe

I know that is hard to survive as a restaurant. Especially if you are in an area that might not get too much foot traffic. Most businesses think the menu is the blame and they start to add and add and add stuff. I think that is what happened at Hu's Table. Billed as an Italian Table, they have Italian food, coffee, sandwiches, wines beer and Patbingsu. A whole lot of stuff. Which is not bad if you can do them all well. I go there for coffee once in a while and recently I tried their strawberry Patbingsu. I was imagining shaved ice with fresh strawberries but what I got was ice with frozen strawberries topped with strawberry ice cream. Fresh would have been better but frozen was pretty awful. The atmosphere is cool. They have drawings all over the walls and an array of colored pencils. It is a cool place to relax and have coffee or wine. Service could be better but it is run by one person. Anyway. Cool cafe but the Patbingsu could be improved. Hu's Table Jongno-Gi Gahwae-dong 7

Photoblog: Flowers

I love the Korean letter for Flower: 꽂. It looks like a firecracker going off. Here are some shots I took using different filters.

Seoul Eats: Dan Drinks Black Garlic Drink

Will I like it? Check out the video and more videos at my youtube channel.

Dream Cafe: Donation Study Concept

I am at Dream Cafe which is a study room, creative space concept that is run by the Cyworld group. Cyworld could have been the Google of Korea a long time ago before they sold their concept and eventually see it slowly lose popularity due to other social networking concepts like Facebook. It seems to be trying to get some of the creative brainshare they were once known for. The cafe is quiet and people here are studying and working on projects. It's something I desperately needed because cafes in Korea are so noisy. The vibe is cool as well. The staff are friendly and open minded and they make decent food. I had a coffee and yogurt- the cost of which is a donation. I could be cheap and pay 1,000 won but grateful for the quiet contemplative afternoon, I gave 10,000. Dream Cafe Open 9am-10pm 070 4225 0929 Jongno-gu Jongno 2-ga 3fl

Live Blog: Lantern Festival and Buddha's Birthday

Seoul for the last two days has been a spectical. The city was lit up in lanterns for the parade down Jongno and today the temples all beautifully adorned. It is a beautiful day out and you should get out to enjoy it. In honor of Buddha's birthday I will not eat meat. Your browser does not support the video tag