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Blessing for good luck

A meal is not complete without Korean Banchan: side dishes. #korea

Messages from a Korean Wife #2: Money

Messages from the Korean Wife

My buddy Winson from Delaware grubbing on yummy Korean BBQ. #koreanfood

Chasing Ajumma

I Hop So IPA from craft one. Meh. Tastes like hospital gloves. #craftbeer #beer

Mingle wheat beer from Craft One. Interesting mouth feel but a bit acidic to be a wheat beer. Wheat accents end bitter. Interesting but not a typical wheat beer #beer #craftbeer

Honey Cheese stir-fried noodles. 허니치즈 볶음면 #confused

Paella from Tapas at Hakdong. If you want tasteless rice that is more like scorched rice (nurunji) then go here. Nice presentation though. #paella #meh

Korean junk food for lunch: cheese ramen and kimbap. Tasty, fast and filling. #korean #ramen

Brooklyn Burger Diner at Garusugil

North Korean Cuisine at Hoya Cooks

건강한 새싹비빔밥과 건강한 카레라이스. Baby leaves bibimbap and curry and rice. Korean really care about there health a lot. I think this one is also good for health as well.#springcomerainfall#새싹비빔밥#카레라이스#curryandrice#banyleavesbibimbapkoreanfood##합정맛집#스프링컴레인폴#합정핫플레이스

Useless iPhone apps. You get it right?

My friend Patrick about to enjoy his Nutella burnt marshmallow milkshake from Brooklyn Burger. It was outstanding. #milkshake #nutella #seouleats

C.R.E.A.M burger from Brooklyn burger in sinsadong. Yummy and almost perfect just too much mayo for me. #burger

Here are my baby's thoughts on North Korea. Who's bombs are you really afraid of? #northkorea #baby #instababy

Baby went on a walk even if she doesn't know it. She isn't worried about North Korea #baby #stokke #korea #northkorea #beautiful

In celebration of the recent North Korean threats try a Mikkeller: a North Korean/ Belgium collaboration beer after a journalist said that North Korean Beer from Taegang was better than South Korean Beer. Come get a cold one from Brew 3.14. #northkorea #korea #beer

#trend Red bean Cream Kopan Bread

Spicy ramen for lunch from dam baek 담백

Fried Chicken Platter from the Frypan. #Yum

I am all about the Haemultang from Busan Sikdang

Korean Icecream: Ba Bam Bar: Chestnut Bar

Spicy pork bowl with egg from Ssen in Nonhyeondong

흑미밥+된장국+고등어조림 black rice + soybean soup + fish, what a perfect match. 삼청동의 달항아리 한정식집. 뭔가 지나치게 팬시 하지도 않고 정말 집에서 만든 밥 같은 느낌의 식당. Not too manualized, not too fancy. It is really homemade meal to me. 삼청동맛집#삼청동달항아리#달항아리#한정식#삼청동한정식

Dinner Buffet at La Seine, Lotte Hotel Seoul

Double Entendre Makgeolli at Yeojaman 여자만

Baby Hazell surrenders to the milk

Decent sushi platter from 생선철산역.

Food for Thought: How Healthy is Instant Coffee by Lindsey Huster

진순자계란말이 김밥에 빠졌다; 병원근처에 이집이 있는데 며칠간은 이것만 먹음 넘~~맛있당ㅋㅋ near the baby hospital there is good kimbap place, we ate at this a lot here. This is different from other kimbap, they are so simple like this. We can eat this with little bit spicy pickle on it. So good! #진순자계란말이김밥#스페셜김밥#계란말이김밥#kimbap#eggrollkimbap

Korean Snack: Semi-boiled Egg and Kimchi Ramen

Changed for the Korean Palate? Club Sandwich from the Park Hyatt

떡꼬치 모음 at myoungdong spicy flavor and plain flavor, which one would you like!!#떡꼬치#명동명동떡꼬치#tteokkochi

Beautiful Modern Celadon Dining ware from Korea

Amba Chicken. Cheap Chicken terrible service with a boss that pinches every penny.

Burger from the Park Hyatt Seoul. Yum