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Chang Mai in 5 minutes

Yesterday, I went to the Best Thai Cooking school with Permpoon N____. It was an enjoyable day and I learned a lot of interesting cooking tips-tips that I will use in my cooking. He was a very gregarious and punny guy. I didn't eat anything other than the food at the school. We made 6 different dishes. Mangonese[sic] is my new favorite fruit. It's really hard to describe the flavor of it, but it kinda looks like an ugly blueberry, has the texture of cold cotton candy, and tastes like ...good^^ I'm going to the Chang Mai cooking school today and I'm staying at the Supreme Guest House. It is run by a Scottish guy named Gordon and it's a very chill place. (180 bahts a night). I think tomorrow I'll do a trek or do mountain climbing. Time's up. Dan

Friday in Chang Mai

Yesterday, I ate some traditional Chang Mai food. It was a ground pork dish flavored with red curry and basil. It was alright- very rustic. It was served with fried pork skins and a soft boiled egg. I don't know, it wasn't the bright, spicy, sour-Thai flavor I was hoping for. But it was enlightening to see the differences in regional cooking. I went to the Night Bazaar and got an awesome banana roti and an orange monk bag. Sorry, this post is short because I'm blogging against the clock (before my Internet minutes are up.) Dan

I am in Chang Mai and I'm having a blast

Alrighty, after a mis-adventure in Bangkok (please, never mention girly-boys or ping pong balls in my presence) I packed up and headed to Chang Mai. It's an idylliac little city that has a very laid back and chilled out atmosphere. I took one of those Thai Motor scooter things from the airport to the city (80baht). It was really fun to see all the families riding on scooters. It's like Hell's Angels, but with kids behind the wheels. After choking to death on exhaust, I found a guest house to stay at. O.K. I was originally supposed to stay at a super lux resort called the Jasmine Rice Resort, but one: it was kinda out of the way, and two: it was damn expensive (4,200 baht) a night. There are a ton of guest houses in Chang Mai and they range in quality and price. Last night, I stayed at the Rux-Thai Guest House which is across from the Thaepae gate. It was no frills, lacked character, and it was 450 baht a night. I wouldn't recommend it. I recommend the area which is alon

Heung Nam Jjip

One of the best Naengmyeon restaurants in the city.

Thai Cookery School

I am trying to get a week's worth of blogging out in a couple hours before I have to catch my plane. This is the cooking school that I'm going to be taking classes at for a couple of days. It was recommended by my friend Hana. If anyone is in Chang Mai on Friday through Monday, give me an e-mail or something and we'll have to meet up. Dan

I am going to Thailand!

I am going to Thailand for a week! YEAH! I am going to stay over in Bangkok for a couple of days and then I'm going to Chang Mai to take a cooking class. I've been doing some research and here are some recommendations of restaurants and blogs in Thailand. These are recommendations from Maylee: He also does food tours in Bangkok on occasion, but there are lots of posting on places all over Thailand Best place to eat in Bangkok is generally always on the street. Try Chinatown for a start. For late night eats Soi 38 under the sky train stop. This is my favourite seafood place Isaan can be found most places, but I like this place in Lad Prao (a bit out of the city) The blog is also pretty good

May What's Happening

May 1-25 Explore the Tastes of India The COEX InterContinental’s buffet restaurant, The Brasserie, will be presenting authentic Indian food prepared by three guest chefs from India with Shovan Das, the Indian chef of the COEX InterContinental Seoul. Guest chefs, Mr. Yogendra Singh Negi, Mr. Satish Kumar, Mr. Mohammed Yunus Khan and our chef, Shovan Das presents traditional North Indian lamb curry, Goan pickled hot prawn curry, barbequed boneless chicken marinated in yoghurt and spices. Of note is that the one of the unique lamb chop preparation barbequed in Tandoori (clay oven) and served with Indian corn chips, south Indian Papad or Raita which is whipped yoghurt with vegetables and three different style of Indian breads as accompaniment. In addition, guest will enjoy presentable Indian desserts including traditional pancakes with sugar syrup, fried bread soap with sugar syrup and condensed milk or Kheer which is cold rice pudding flavored with saffron and dried fruits. Lunch-W41,000

Celebrate ANZAC Day at the Aussie Grub 'n' Grog

Friday April 25 - ANZAC DAY As always, we will be open directly after the memorial service for those wishing to have a quiet beer. We will also be giving away free ANZAC biccies all day PLUS 2-for-1 Aussie beer to Aussie & Kiwi expats. Two-up will be available. Here's the Link

SNL Death By Chocolate

Sooooo funny!

Two Minute Date

This is from "How I met Your Mother," one of the smartest and best written shows on TV. Here's how you can have a date in 2 minutes.

Aburi: Homemade Japanese Style Ramen



Here is the website in Korean. Here is the site that has been translated from Korean to English. What kind of school is this??? You gotta love Korea^^ You can find this school over in Sinchone exit 4. Dan

Are pizza crusts getting a little too ridiculous?

Eat Cake and Help a Traveller

Eat Cake and Help a Traveller By Elinza Petorius Last year I met this traveller. The world is full of them, I know, but this one stood out in particular. This one had a unique history, a worthy life and really fabulous hair. I’m talking about “The Little Traveller,” a tiny hand-beaded pin, which is made in South Africa and sold to generate funds for those affected by HIV/AIDS at the Hillcrest Aids Centre in Kwa-Zulu Natal. The Little Travellers AIDS Initiative provide women either suffering from AIDS or supporting a loved one with AIDS, with a viable income. It has also helped to instigate artistic development, personal growth and hope for these women and families. There will be two events in May that will help support this worthy cause. On Sunday the 18th of May, the newly opened WIEN Cake house in Itaewon will be hosting the first Little Traveller’s BAKE-OFF. Enter your baked goods to be judged and stand a chance to win some awesome prizes. Cakes, muffins, pies, breads, cookies-any

Welcome to Seouleats!

I just bought Enjoy, and I will continue to post food related news^^ and other interesting tidbits about Korea. Bear with me. Apparently, the complete changeover will take up to 3 days. Dan

A benefit for the Korea Women's Hotline

Event: A benefit for the Korea Women's Hotline "music*poetry*bakesale*raffle" What: Fundraiser Host: george bozanich When: Friday, April 25 at 9:00pm Where: The Rocky Moutain Tavern II in Hongdae

I am going on Vacation!

Next Wednesday I will be on a plane and headed to Thailand! I am going to Bangkok first and then I'll be in Chang Mai to attend a cooking class at the Thai Cookery School. I am SOOOOO excited. I'll be sure to post some pictures.^^

Take Out Cocktails

You can get a cocktail on the go in Ewha University. This guy has a full bar and he puts the drinks in Capri Sun style pouches. Drinks range from 2,500- 4,000 won. Dan

Longdari Chicken


April 14th Ja Ja Myeon Day

짜장면! 짜장면! 짜장면! February 14th is Valentines Day and girls are supposed to give their boyfriends chocolate. March 14th is White Day and the boys are supposed to return the gifts of chocolate with 3 times the amount they received the previous month. April 14th is Black Day and it is the day for the lonely and disenchanted. Single people who are did not give or receive chocolates for either day are supposed to sulk around, dress in black, and get together to eat white noodles topped with a black sauce to commiserate their singledom. Carol and I got together to eat the inky black ja ja myeong that reflected the inky blackness of our souls. HAHAHAHA. Oh, in the background is Carol's future husband. He is also dressed in black and he's eating the Ja Ja. It's going to be a Korean made for TV drama. Oh, and Carol, the Ja Ja Myeong tasted like an angel^^ Final NOTE: Go see Maggie's play: Teeth! It's playing at the COEX! She's a rock star and so are Brad, Molly, Mandy, and

Zaza's Bake Off!

Hello all! We are organizing a Charity Bake-Off on the 18thMay at a FABULOUS location in itaewon ..a beautiful sunday event for the Little Travellers Aids project and lots of cake cake cake and other baked goods! Now a bake-off needs contestants, and I mean YOU! Call your mom, get her best cake/cookie recipe and enter the competition! Anything baked will do! cake (any kind) cookies bread quiche flan muffins scones brownies mudpie ..or anything... Don't have an oven? No problemo, I am opening up my kitchen and utensils for anybody whose keen but without the resources. I can't enter but you CAN!!! Did I mention there will be prizes! for different things and of course to whomever has the best baked treat..Don't be intimidated, its for charity and the love of yummy cake! If you know of anyone who could/would/should enter tell them about it and get back to me with their/ your names and numbers! Thanks guys! Cheerio Elinza 010-8694-6561

Hubble's Birthday Day

Hubble here, I would like to thank everyone that came to my birthday celebration (with the exception of Carol, who insists that I'm a cat and a girl, hence, I am wearing a Sailor Dress in a couple of the photos. Curse you Carol and may all your offspring have crooked noses and leperous features.) Anyway, thank you for coming over to my two Daddy's house. I really appreciated all of the presents (except for the sailor dress). I can't wait until my next birthday! Toodles till then,

today's tidbit of zen: skateboarding dog