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Dreaming of the linguine-like noodles from Boksunggak

Nostalgic, fun lunch at Sujak Bansang

No Carb, Creamy Avocado Omelette

Bowl of Beef Noodles from Soi Yeonnam

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Teaser Trailer

A Day with some curry, kamjatang and pollack soup

Artistic Pork Belly Feast from Yunssi Grill Room 윤씨그릴방

TASTING Royce Nama Chocolate

Is the Cuban Sandwich at Cuban Kings worth your time?

Cooking for Hazellbaby

Chongusuk Kalguksu

Life as a Dad

Running a Bar in Korea

Krista's Great Day in Seoul

Family Adventure in Okinawa

Fried chicken and beer

Happy Pepero Day 11/11

After Trump's Morning Hangover

Time for a Macbook Upgrade?

Art Exhibition and Harvest Unplugged Concert Tonight

Artist Lee Jeongin's Any Given Place

Fat Korean Food Trends

Cheese Rice Beer!?

The iPad is NOT a computer replacement device

Hazellbaby eats broccoli and shrimp

Cooking for Hazell: tofu chicken soup, jumokbap rice balls and homemade apple sauce. #dadslife

Had an excellent meal at Gastrotong with friends

Kimchi Mandu from eunma market

Here is my funky roasted kim lady from gyeongdong market. #맛있어

Wifey asked me to get an air filter machine for the house. I suggested we get a Groot instead. This one is only $1800 usd. #marvel #Groot #husband

I love this Chocolate Macadamia Milk in an nostalgic bottle. #연세우유

Yum! Cinnamon Raison Rolls from Tomi Bakery #korea #seouleats

Coffee in Jeonju at Chawa

Green Tea Bingsu from Hongdae! #dessert #koreanfood

Wife... I made this for you (lemon- watercress abalone rice pasta) #doghouse #love?

Made some handmade pasta for Baby Hazell. Yum!

Day drinking in Korea

Eat mo' cheese fondue dakgalbi #냠냠

Korean Baekban Lunch in Mullaedong

Food Crimes: Butter-flavored Milk from GS25

Xiaolongbao at DaeHan Shijang in Yeonnamdong. Just alright but good for Korea (they don't do it very well) #seouleats

Cupcakes from Chikalicious in Hondae #dessert #korea

Agujeong Rodeo Craft Market today until 6pm. Come out! #korea

Hazell plays with water and the water plays back. #lol #babyshower #babyoftheday

Press Release: Hotel Cappuccino Restaurant Hot Eatsue Launches New Fusion Street Food Menu