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Spicy Korean octopus for lunch from Done Zone

6,000 won Max Beer pitcher Special at Brew 3.14 until July 10th!

Late night shwarma in Hongdae

Then some music in Hongdae. Best Friday ever

A morning care to recover

Then some fried chilies at Hanchu

Just a Guinness to start the night

Nurunji #누룽지 the best part of dolsot bibimbap #비빔밥 since 1833.

Korean Tech Industry Party. A place to hang out along and get a warm beer on ice.

Do you love pork? visit

Noodle Love: Korean Soybean Milk Noodles Kongguksu

Enjoying a cold pint

Korean Lunch at Done Zone Jayok ssambap

This is how you cut watermelon like a boss. Spears of watermelon are much easier to eat.

Nothing wrong with a little barley bibimbap for dinner

The princess without a name

Soju battle: which one do you like citron or regular?

The perfect spoonful of soondubu

Asian Grace aka take a food photo!

This is how you win at buffet. #buffetwinning #ofcourseiamsharing

A simple meal you can get for about $5.50: spicy pork, soup, rice and sides. #VSCOcam Dropped Pin near 67-6 Nonhyeon 2(i)-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

My favorite restaurants are the ones with history. This one has been around for over 20 years and it is a lasting reminder of the neighborhood. They serve 1 dish: spicy pork with an option for soup. You get your own sides and rice. It's run by just one grandma. Dropped Pin near 67-6 Nonhyeon 2(i)-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

Breakfast is rice with some anchovies. I love the salty crunch!

Korean food = #trend

Having some awesome tangsu Jungsik at dong bo Seong #Enlight [네이버 지도] 서울특별시 강남구 논현동 67-6,

"A Traveler's Want-to-Eat-List" Part 2: Korean Barbecue by Pakinam Magdy

한국 10 최고 국수집

This cute little Korean Police Bicycle even has a basket. Could You imagine a high speed, high octane chase seen between this bike and someone on the run. Makes me laugh just thinking about it. #korea #bicycle #police

Just a simple bowl of homemade udon noodles by Brew 3.14. Good noodles, simple broth. #udon #noodles #seouleats #koreanfood #chopsticks 37°34'22.3"N 126°59'32.4"E

I am trying to keep MERS at away by eating kimchi. It worked with SARS so I am hoping it will work here. #kimchicuresall #kimchiforpresident #MERS #SARS #korea #kimbap

Yuza Soju Mixed Gymnastics Video is Amazeballs!

Breakfast at the mother and baby care center 산후조리원

Coffee Illua @ Cheolsan: A Chillaxing Cafe that gets it right.

"A Traveler's Want-to-Eat-List" in Korea Part 1: Soy Crabs and Samgyetang by Pakinam Magdy P

Ordering a Redeye Coffee (Coffee with an espresso Shot) at Starbucks

Superheated Knife Toasts Bread as it cuts! Fricken Badass

Robot with Sword Versus Samurai

Interwebs, here is my baby carrot.

Eat an ironically holistic burger at Patty and Vegetables (where are the veggies)

This is what happens when you eat noodles on a roller coaster

You should never eat alone in Korea because you will miss out on all the different foods. Most Koreans will order depending on what others have so they can share. If one person gets a meat, another will get soup or grilled fish. Plus you get lots of fresh leaves and other side dishes. Here I am with my team from iFamily. We all ordered different dishes so we can share. Good times. The restaurant is Done Zone #koreanfood #koreareallife #company #seouleats

Had some curry at kaku curry for lunch today. Was pretty good for Japanese-style curry with a thicker gravy. I just got spicy and it was hot enough. I am glad I didn't get the very spicy for I believe it would have been painful. You can add a pork chop on it for 4,500 won more and I liked the fried oniki mushrooms on top. I think my lunch was 10,500 won and for sinsa, that's not so bad. 서울 강남구 신사동 544-7 1F #korea #Japanese #curry #seouleats #seoul

Korean Food Timelapse: Eating Korean Seafood

MERS, Soju and other Tomfoolery in South Korea. Avoid Camels!

Dog and Pig Craft Beer Pub