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Letters to Seoul Eats: We've been here, but the food...meh

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Next Korean Food Culinary Tour and Cooking Class on March 13th

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Watch Kim Yuna's gold winning performance here


My Ode to Yuna Kim

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Vote for Seoul Eats!

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Food Porn: 3 shots from Yaletown: Burger, Nacho, and Poutine

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South African Style Curry at Queen Suzanna's House

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Watch Yuna Kim's Short Program 2010 performance in Vancouver here!

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My new favorite makgeolli place: ㅎ [h] in Haebangchon

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O'ngo Food Communication's First Culinary Tour is in the Chosun Newspaper

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Dragon Beard Candy Video from Insadong

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Saint Patrick's Day (March 17th) Celebrations Around Seoul, South Korea


few ingredients, delicious dinner.

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Saint Patrick's Day Parade in Seoul will be on March 20th, 2010

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Korean Food Porn Photos by Michelle Min

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Seoul Menu: J and T Trattoria near Seoul National University Exit 2

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Food for Thought: Misconceptions about Food Bloggers and about Seoul Eats

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Wild Women's Performing Arts Festival February 27th