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Letters to Seoul Eats: We've been here, but the food...meh

Here is a letter I received this morning from Martin, Dear Daniel, I am here in Seoul at the moment visiting from Austria with two friends. I am always interested to experience the "real" cuisine of a country. We have been here since monday and what we have seen and eaten until now, was - how should I out it -not that great. I am foolwing your work with soul eats now for a while and I am asking myself if you see any chance for tomorrow (Saturday) to have a real good food experience here in Seoul. Thank you for your efforts. Best regards  Martin Here is my response: Dear Martin, I'll be out of the city today, but I recommend you try Seoul Roasted Duck in Hannam: I also recommend you check this post on BBQ restaurants: Suraon is also a nice place to eat at:

Next Korean Food Culinary Tour and Cooking Class on March 13th

THE CLASS ON THE 13TH IS FULL. WE WILL BE PLANNING ANOTHER CLASS FOR THE 27th. WE WILL BE DOING A WALKING CULINARY FOOD TOUR ON THE 20TH. DETAILS WILL BE POSTED SOON. THANKS FOR ALL THE INTEREST! Dan The first culinary tour and cooking class run by O'ngo Food Communications and Seoul Eats was a great success, according to the Chosun Newspaper , and we are ready to do the next one. The first class was a promotional class; now we are ready to do it for real. There will first be a tour of Eunma Market to see a wide range of Korean products such as vegetables, fruits, meat, fish, rice cakes, and even fresh made tofu. The guides will explain the unusual and notable foods in the market. We will also have a chance to enjoy some snacks in the market. People looking at natural powders made out bean, flowers, and seeds that can be used to make nutritious drinks or even skin conditioners. Freshly steamed tofu We will then go to M-cooking Studio to learn from Chef Eddie and Chef

Watch Kim Yuna's gold winning performance here

I am sorry but I can't imbed it here because I am out, but you can click on the link below. Here is another one: Here is Yuna recieving the medal on the podium. Here is a cute video that is Dan Sent from my iPod - Posted from my iPhone

My Ode to Yuna Kim

Kim Yuna, Yuna Kim, you skate like... Ice on ice, a silk scarf caught on the breeze, or even like a Perez Hilton scandal through the net. (Perez, by-the-way you best leave my Yuna alone) Kim Yuna, I mean Yuna Kim, you are so graceful that you were born with two lady's names. Oh, it was breathtaking to see 007 shaken on ice by you - no one could, would, or will ever do it better. Yuna Kim, I mean Kim Yuna, when you performed an entire nation stood still, and then jumped and cried when the music came to a still. (I am sure those on the opposite side of the planet felt the tremor.) Oh, Kim Yuna, Yuna Kim, you have a long life ahead of you. Do one more victory lap for me. Congratulations! Dan - Posted from my iPhone

Vote for Seoul Eats!

  10 Magazine is having a contest to have people vote for their favorite blogs. PLEASE VOTE FOR ME! I'm not sure if I'll win anything other than bragging rights, but that's enough for me. Please hit on the link below and start voting. Vote more than once if you would like! Thanks, Your friendly neighborhood food blogger^^ Dan

Food Porn: 3 shots from Yaletown: Burger, Nacho, and Poutine

The Mushroom Cheese Burger The Poutine The Ultimate Nachos Here are a few more posts on Yaletown The menu: Dan

South African Style Curry at Queen Suzanna's House

So right after attending the culinary tour and cooking class that I helped organized, I was invited by one of the participants (and friend) to enjoy some South African Style Indian Curry at her house. I had never had South African Style Indian Curry, so I was intrigued. The host, Suzanna, is of Indian decent (so she's lusciously brown) but she grew up in South Africa. Apparently, there is a large population of Indian people in South Africa and their curry is richer-quite buttery-, and heartier than their Indian counterparts. Here on the table there is cous cous; naan; a lamb, lentil, and potato curry; and a chicken curry. Here we have a lamb, lentil, and potato curry. It was richly flavored and the meat was fall-off-the-bone tender. Here is the bowl of chicken curry. Also quite excellent. But, I have to admit that the mango pickles made the meal for me. I LOVE MANGO PICKLES! They have a delicate texture like jaw-meat on yellowtail fish and the flavor is earthy yet piquant. I lov

Watch Yuna Kim's Short Program 2010 performance in Vancouver here!

I couldn't find this on NBC or even the English websites. Luckily, Korean's are all about Kim Yuna here, so here is the performance.  You are going to have to go to this link to watch the video, because the website won't let me embed it here. Also, it's in Korean. I found a video! Watch this hilarious video of a Beer Guzzling, Pizza Eating Kim Yuna fan watching the performance.

My new favorite makgeolli place: ㅎ [h] in Haebangchon

ㅎ [h] Makgeolli in Haebangchon is one of the newest establishments to open in the heavily foreigner populated area. It took over Cafe Alexandria's (thank goodness...that place was ok when it started, but then food quality steadily went down.)  The interior is stylish and comfortable. There are kitschy little ornaments here and there and the lighting is warm. They have a WIIIDDDE selection of makgeolli (Korean Rice Wine). Their selection actually borders on the ridiculous. I didn't know that Korea had so many different types and regional specialities of makgeolli. They have their own unique characteristics. The food is not over-priced and it is skillfully made. I like the owners because they're sticking true to Makgeolli's origins. Makgeolli isn't a high-end drink. It was originally called farmer's alcohol (nong-ju) because farmers would drink this while working the fields. It's not terribly high in alcohol content and it's smooth- with a hint of carbo

O'ngo Food Communication's First Culinary Tour is in the Chosun Newspaper

지난 20일 강남구 삼성동의 한 쿠킹 스튜디오에서 W호텔의 키아란 히키(가운데) 총주방장 등 외국인들이 닭볶음탕을 만들고 있다. 맛을 보던 간호사 지니 리(왼쪽에서 두 번째)는“한식이 쉽고 간단해서 놀랐다”고 말했다. / 이진한 기자 The Chosun Ilbo is Korea's largest and most popular newspaper and reporter, Shin Jeong-seon 신정선, did a story on the tour. She mentioned many of the participants and the president of O'ngo Food Communications, Jia Choi. Overall, I think the first tour was a success and we are preparing for the next one on March 13th. I will be posting information about it soon.  Here's a video of the class filmed by the photographer, Lee Jin-han (이진한). And here is the story in Korean. Thank you for all those that participated! 韓食 참 쉽네요" 국내 거주 외국인 16명 즐거운 '한식 투어' 재래시장 둘러보고 닭볶음탕 등 직접 요리… "상세한 설명 큰 도움앞으로 직접 해먹어야죠" 지난 20일 오전 10시 지하철 3호선 대치역 3번 출구에 금발의 부부가 나타났다. 잠시 후 등장한 중년 남성은 가죽 재킷 아래에 흰 요리복을 입었다. 뒤이어 뿔테 안경을 낀 여성이 영어로 인사를 건네며 합류했다. 10시30분이 되자 일행은 16명으로 늘었다. 이들은 모두 한국에 거주하는 외국인들. 한국에 살면서도 제대로 몰랐던 한식에 대한 궁금증을 풀어줄

Dragon Beard Candy Video from Insadong

I've had this stuff and it's not bad. I mean it's not like the most delicious thing in the entire world, but...I can eat it. It's actually better if you freeze it first- the delicate strands of the honey and malt are enticing. The video is very entertaining. ENJOY! Dan

Saint Patrick's Day (March 17th) Celebrations Around Seoul, South Korea

The Chicago River Dyed Green (Via Wikipedia) At the Wolfhound: Live Irish Trad Music on Weds March 17th.  sets at 9:30 and 11:00 by the musical group Bard. On March 20th day and St Patrick's day we will dress up the pub, have green beer and drink specials and special shirts and hats for sale.   At Stuart's Bar: Hey Dan, we will be having drink specials on Guinness (buy a number of drinks and win a Free CD), We will have great Irish music (and requests!) and decorations as well as some drink and food specials.  Drop on in and party with us for more information! The bars address: 254-5 Buam Dong, Jongno Gu.  Blog: stuartsbar or find our group on Facebook. Thanks and please contact me if you need any more information! Stuart At Beer O'Clock in Sinchon            St Patrick's day...the day invented by bars I think..haha Beer O'clock Be Irish for the day, wear green and get great prices on Guinness cans, Jameson Whiskey, an

few ingredients, delicious dinner.

from vinestock, with such few ingredients, everything counts. as the typography/logo indicates the spaghetti was double the normal length. chicken breast with specs of sea salt. perfectly browned. dollop of pesto. fin :) thank you chef gray.

Saint Patrick's Day Parade in Seoul will be on March 20th, 2010

  Quite a few people have asked if the Irish Association of Korea will be holding their annual parade. I'm happy to announce that they are. Even though my father is of Scottish decent, our family likes to celebrate like the Irish. Here's more information on the event: We are very happy to inform you that 2010 St Patrick's Day festival is coming soon . Date: 20th of March (Saturday) Location: Cheonggyecheon Place 1. Main Stage -  Irish rock band - Cheerleader Performance 2. Opening 3. Grand Parade 4. Happy Ireland - Guinness Zone - Ireland Zone - Photo Zone - Ireland Food Zone - Face Painting & Balloon Zone  In addition to the activities on the list, there are many fascinating events. St Patrick's Day Festival is opened for everyone regardless of national origin, age, gender. Enjoy the exciting festival with your families and friends!  

Korean Food Porn Photos by Michelle Min

Black Bean Banchan:  Read about the recipe here. Daktoritang Step 1 Korean Raw Fish The finished Daktoritang (Spicy Braised Chicken Stew) Grilled Pork Chanchi guksu. Banquet Noodles. Rice Cake and Persimmon Sushi Spicy Seafood Soup Spinach Banchan Michelle Min is a freelance designer and photographer. She works at O'ngo Food Communications. You can see more of her work at her website,

Seoul Menu: J and T Trattoria near Seoul National University Exit 2

Lista del cibo     La bruschetta del ben venuto @ 4500 Welcome bruschetta 브루스게따   Antipasti   Insalata mista con pomodoro @ 6800 Mixed green salad and tomato, tossed with extra virgin oil and balsamic home dressing 발사믹 드레싱의 그린 샐러드 Insalata Caprese @ 8800 Tomato, mozzarella and basil 모짜렐라 치즈와 토마토 Insalata Contadina @ 7800 Mixed salad, grilled chicken breast (Korean) and sundried tomato 구운 닭 가슴살 ( 국내산 ) 샐러드 Vegetali misti alla griglia e parmiggiano @ 6800 Mix-grilled vegetable and parmesan cheese 그릴에 구운 야채와 파마산 치즈 Piatto formaggi Italiani @ 8800 Parmiggiano, provolone, scamorza and gorgonzola 이탈리안 치즈 플레이트 Piatto Trattoria @ 8800 Prosciutto, salame, mortadella and  grilled vegetable 이탈리안 햄 플레이트 Minestrone di verdura all' Italiana @ 7800 Italian minestrone with vegetable and pasta 이탈리안 야채 수프 Crema di funghi misti @ 7800 Mixed mushrooms cream soup 버섯 크림 수프   Pasta & R isotto Spaghetti al pomodoro e basilico @ 11600 Tomato, extra virgin oi

Food for Thought: Misconceptions about Food Bloggers and about Seoul Eats

There seems to be some misunderstanding about what I do and I these days, I've been getting quite a few e-mails attacking my integrity. I think I know how it got started. About a month ago I wrote an article in the Korea Herald entitled, "How NOT to Globalize Korean Food." The article got quite a few responses. The article got picked up by Daum (a Korean Internet Portal), Korean Beacon , Zenkimchi, Brian in Jeollanamdo,   and numerous other sites. Some people agreed with me, others did not. One response I particularly thought was right on was posted on the Korean Beacon. Ken Brockman wrote: Kent Brockman Says: February 3rd, 2010 at 6:44 pm Here are my two cents. The South Korean government has a seriously flawed solution to popularizing Korean cuisine to foreigners, specifically to non-Korean Americans. If the ROK government believes that THE solution is by changing the Romanization so it is closer to the Korean pr

Wild Women's Performing Arts Festival February 27th

The Wild Women's Performing Arts Festival is a very unique forum for women performers to join together and raise awareness about gender issues in Korea and around the world. Through aural and visual performances from female poets, musicians, storytellers and dancers, the event addresses the issue of gender equality in a way that Korean and English speakers alike can benefit from. Now in its third season, the bi-annual fundraising event is fully supported by the Korea Women’s Association United (KWAU), and all proceeds are given to the KWAU. The KWAU, which was established in 1987, is an umbrella organization that unites over forty member organizations, including anti sex-trafficking groups, the domestic violence hotline and agencies for disabled women. The 3rd Wild Women's Festival is being held on Saturday, February 27th as a precursor to International Women’s Day (IWD) on Monday, March 8th. International Women's Day is an annual event celebrated around the world and e