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Seoul Eats will be on the 101.3 eFM radio station in Seoul

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Seoul Tourist Tips: Confusing Subway Transfers.

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CLOSED: Ola! Mario Italian Restaurant in Itaewon

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Want pie? Can't get pie?

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Nanowrimo Award!

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I win. Nanowrimo has been defeated. My final Word count 50043

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Hongdae Restaurant Recommendations

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Er, what's that in my tea?

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The Great Philadelphia Hotdog Launcher

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Thanksgiving in Seoul 2008 Roundup

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I am looking for an Intern

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Clothing and Household Items Donation Drive

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Bruce Lee plays Ping Pong with FREAKING NUNCHUCKS

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Every Second Sunday Book Release Party

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Kimjang: A Special Kimchi Making Event


Kimjang Comic

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More Pictures from the Kimchi Festival

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It's Kim Jang! Making 50,000 heads of Kimchi for charity

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Kimchi Macaroni and Cheese

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Food Expo at the COEX

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I love Big Bang Theory

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A Korean Boy SINGS Mariah Carey's "TOUCH MY BODY"

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Koreatown in Tokyo: Shin-Okubo Snapshots