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Titular is funny

Colin Hay is amazing

What I won't miss about Wonmyeong

What I'll miss about Wonmyeong Elementary School

Things that I'll miss about not teaching at Wonmyeong

Time to get rid of waste

Oh...I'm sorry...I'm on vacation

Prepping for my lesson...

I'm really interested in Asian Folk Tales at the moment.

Thanks to everyone that's been reading my blog but

More Christmas cards

Here are the Cards

Christmas cards

Taxes filed from overseas


William Tells all

my students

The it intentionally low???

Milk and Cookies

White Room

William is back

Paying US taxes from Korea

Casino Royale: A rollercoaster thrill ride but strangely reminiscent of a video game!?!

Monday 3rd grade! It's snowing.

Have a good weekend

The Happy Lunatic Attacks again.


5th Grade: Viridian Room

4th Grade DolMakgo Department store

Christmas shopping

Egads! Soju has 540 calories per bottle!!!

7 minutes to my 6th grade class

The Prestige

Money Money Money

I'm selling a bunch of iPod and PC stuff on Daves Esl Cafe

4th Grade Lesson 8, "How much is it?"

I am sick

3rd Grade: I can Swim Parts 3 and 4

Sad iPod: How Matt Damon and Leonardo killed my iPod