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Sandang: Roasted Chestnuts with Red Wine Sauce

They are grown behind the restaurant and they are roasted in alcohol right at the table. Visually it is stunning and the taste... not bad. Dan Sandang 0317723959

Crabs Walking from Sandang Restaurant

Crabs Walking: Tiny Fried Crabs served with a Mango Sun and Green Sauce. These days I have been able to go to some of the best restaurants in Seoul. One of these places is Im Ji-ho's restaurant, "Sandang" The restaurant means Mountain Village and the food was creative, lively, and delicious. His motto is: Food is a merger of Art, Science, and Health. It is in Yangpyeong, so you'll have to drive to get there. Trust me it is worth it. 031 772 3959 I'm going to tease one picture at a time, so stay tuned for me. Dan

Charred Pork with Kimchi Confetti

pork Originally uploaded by roboppy Or Pork Lollipop from the W-Hotel in Seoul. Photo by Robyn Lee.

Noodle Station From the W-Hotel Seoul

noodle station Originally uploaded by roboppy You can have noodles made any way you'd like: Pho, Ramen, Udong, etc.

The Girl Who Ate Everything Eats Korean Food

This is a homage post to the mighty Robyn Lee Aka Robyn Lee. Robyn came to Korea back in May to cover the Rice Cake festival. She took so many amazing pictures while she was here that I was just utterly blown away. I am a regular visitor of Robyn's Blog, The Girl Who Ate Everything and of her posts on Serious Eats Her pictures make me want to throw my camera away and chop off my trigger finger. I wonder how she makes them all so shiny and luscious. If you want to see more of her picks, I recommend her FLICKR page as well. All Hail the mighty Roboppy! ****From the Campaign to have Robyn Lee Friend me on her homepage^^**** Pumpkin Juk Yukhwae: Korean Carpaccio with pine nut and sesame. Japchae Chef Shin from Asia Live in the Intercontinental Hotel in COEX Sinseollo: Korean Royal Hot Pot Dolsot Bibimbap Korean pressed sweet Chef Rachel Yang of Joule Restaurant and Chef Paul Schenks of the COEX Intercontinental Hotel Oh, How I wish I was a better photographer like her.

Photoblog: Eats from this week

Samgyetang from Nonhyon Samgyetang. I believe it's one of the best in the city. Here is the sign. This one is near Hakdong station exit 1(?). You walk straight and then turn left at the first corner. Turkey and Ricola Cibatta Sandwich from Retro Oven. Way too much Ricola- it was all I could taste. The bread is quite nice. It's fluffier than your normal cibatta. More cibatta. One of them has black olives. North Korean Mandoo North Korean Suyeok: a steamed pork dish. The cucumber pickles were crisp and amazing. The restaurant is called Pyeongyang Jungga and it is across from the Tombs Park in Hakdong. 02-568-1577 It's been a week in eating because of two things. I have a new food project that requires me to taste different foods and my foodie friend Matt is here as well. This is some of what I've eaten so far. Today I'm headed over to the W-hotel to do a wine pairing and this weekend I'll be going to Im Ji-ho's famous restaurant: Sandang. I promise I&#

Kim Jong-il Speaks about about the Korean Reporters

I know not, food related, but totally hilarious!

Got Lunch? How about a Bacon, Cheese Chicken Sandwich without bread???

Americans have gone too far. They have replaced bread with 2 chicken patties. So what's inside? Bacon, Cheese, and Colonel Sauce. It just needs some Baconnaise and it'll go down as greatest sandwich ever.

Amuse Bouche: Woori-ga

Braised short ribs with autumn nuts. Royal Salad with Jelly Fish Noodles, Shrimp, and beef. Abalone with jujube and ginko nuts Flower wine Royal noodles Japchae Contemporary Korean Food: all dressed up. Woor-ga across from Doosan Park in Apgujeong. 02 3442 2288 A write up is coming soon.

Random Pic: This kid's smile makes me happy


Here's your Hubble Shot

Hubble, my puppy Isn't my dog a cutey?

Dubai Restaurant Menu

I love browsing menus before I go into the restaurant and this is something that I would really like people to do in Seoul. Soooo....Restaurant owners and restaurant goers, if you have a menu send it to me and I'll post it on my website. You can e-mail me at seouleats (at) gmail (dot) com. Here is the menu for Dubai Restaurant in Itaewon.

Photoblog: Sam Ryan's Sport's Bar and Grill in Itaewon

Sam Ryan's Sport's Bar and Grill is above the famous 3 Alley Pub. So who is Sam Ryan? Hmmmm... I don't know. They have a promising brunch menu and it looks like the perfect kind of grub to cure hangovers- I guess we know what kind of clientele they are looking for. And all the staff members speak English and some are pretty cute as well. Here is my friend Sunny. We ordered a bacon cheese burger. It looks darn good right? I mean the meat patty was a great mix of pork and beef and seasonings. It held together well in the bun and when you started to chew. The bun was darn good as well. Everyone in this town has upped their burger game. And the burger even comes with crinkly fries. And if you are very hungry you can get the 72 ounce steak. Yeah, you heard me: 72 ounce steak. And if you can eat it all in the alloted time, you get it for free. If you fail, you pay 66,000 won. Apparently, 12 have tried and only one has succeeded. So...who is Sam Ryan? It's the baby son

Petra's Restaurant Outing with Vegetarian in Korea

  I went to Petra Restaurant with Vegetarian in Korea , her husband, and Kat. We got a mix of everything and it was good as always. Their Tatoush salad is exceptional because it has lots of plush, crisp parsley, lemony couscous, and tart sauce. They have excellent falafel and hummus as well. It's been a local favorite for years and it is the best kind of food to have when it gets hot. Dan

What the Foodies are Craving

These following people are writers for the Groove Dining Section in Groove Magazine. I asked them to what they were craving this month and here are their recommendations. Hey, if you would like to submit what you're craving, simply post them in the comments section and I'll get them put in next month's issue of the Groove. Also, Groove magazine is always looking for foodie writers. If you know of a place that you passionately want to recommend or not recommend, let me know. You can e-mail me at seouleats (at) gmail (dot) com. Dan 1. Star Chef in Yangjae for its sublime kimchi and pork and the fabulous deep fried whole fish. 2. Dwenjang Yesul in Daehangno for its rich and chunky soy bean soup. 3. Samarikant in Dongdaemun for lamb, lamb and more lamb! Paul Matthews 1. Naked Grill in Hannamdong- great tacos and sandwiches. 2. Samgyetang at Nonhyeon Samgyetang- the soup is silky and invigorating. Afterwards, you feel like a fireball. 3. Jung Shik Dang. Did you see t

Sura-on: 14 courses of Korean Royal Court Cuisine

I went to Sura-on restaurant for Royal Court Cuisine. My meal had 14 courses and the place also had music and traditional dance performances. It was a great experience, one you must experience in Seoul. This video does have every single course, because some weren't picture worthy, but I did get most of them. Sura-on is located near Express bus terminal station. The map with location can be found here: Dan

This video makes me want to visit South Korea's Independence Hall

It's fun and witty and cute and well produced. Wow! Here is her naverblog here is another video. This one is about a rambunctious kid and his day with a Samsung Camera. Here is another video showing "Brilliant Magic with Camera Angles.

Jung Shik Dang: A Collage

I am playing around with Picasa for Mac to see if I should start using it to blog. Here is a collage that I made for Jung-Shik-Dang My other posts on Jung Shik Dang,

Letter from Dubai Restaurant's Owner

It's nice to know that one person can make a difference. Dubai restaurant got quite a buzz on this website when I started to write about it and I'm glad it is doing well. Thank you all for going to Dubai Restaurant. By keeping establishments like this in business, we make Seoul a better and more diverse place to live. Hello Mr. Daniel Gray, This is Dubai Restaurant owner Khamas Nehad. I know that I should e-mail you before but it's just that we were very busy this days with the restaurant. I want to thank you first for choosing us and coming to our restaurant and for the nice articles that I really appreciate. Thanks to you and to your articles, lots of people found out about the restaurant and we had new customers coming to try the food and to see if it is as it was written in your nice articles. For that, I really want to thank you for your great job and we will work hard to improve our services and to make our customers happy of the traditional food we serve. I want to

Ruth Reichel talks about her first food review

My Gripe on Service in Korea

Service is a concept that is quite different in Korea from other parts of the world. This has been one of my constant gripes. "Service" in Korea doesn't mean the polite, respectful, courteous, invisible presence that I would expect in a fine dining restaurant in France, America, Japan, or other parts of the world. "Service" in Korea means an extra plate of food, a refill of side dishes, or a discount. Also, the servers often never seem to know about the food they are serving or even their customers. I don't believe this is a language barrier; it's cultural. Don't misunderstand me, the food is good here-sometimes even exceptional; but "service" in Korea is lacking. Well, what should be done? Servers should offer recommendations, they should announce their specials for the day, and they should ask customers what sort of food they prefer. After the customers take their first couple of bites, they should ask them how their meal is. Finally,

How do you feel about Korean food? Leave comments!

I am working on a presentation on popularizing Korean food and I need quotes. The presentation will help direct Korea Tourism in how to market Korean cuisine throughout the world. You will get credit for your quote and your voice will be heard. Here are the questions: 1. How do you feel about Korean food? 2. What is your favorite Korean dish and why? 3. How often do you eat Korean food? 4. Have you tried cooking Korean food? What did you make? How was it? 5. Do you feel Korean food is healthy? Also, I'm looking for a reader that has a story that they came to Korea and lost weight because they switched to a Korean diet. I would really like to interview this person and I will take them to a very nice dinner. Please put your name and the country you are from. If you don't feel comfortable putting your answer in the comments, you can e-mail me at seouleats (at) gmail (dot) com Dan

Hey Aussies! What's the most popular Ethnic Cuisine in Australia?

I'm putting this out there for my Australian Readers, because my research shows that that Australia has a very unique food culture that puts an emphasis on locally grown and raised ingredients fused with Asian and Mediterranean influences. Is that too broad an assessment? Oh, the other stuff that comes up is that Aussies like Meat Pies, Lamingtons, Veggiemite, BBQ, and lots of ketchup. Please speak up and leave a comment! Dan

Mexipalooza this Saturday

End of Summer Blues??? Cheer up and mark your calendar for Mexi-Palooza! A day of great food, drinks, and LIVE MUSIC. Don't miss our 4,000won margaritas! Don't pass up on your choice of Mexican Beers--4,000won! And that's not all....check our our EVENT TENTS to purchase your choice of menu items... --2 Pork Carnitas Tacos--4,000won --Grilled Summer Veggies Quesadilla--4,000won --4 Chicken Taquitos--4,000won --Mini-Nachos--4,000won So far, we've got a MARIACHI BAND...stay tuned for other bands joining the show! Tell your friends...this will be an event you won't want to miss!!!! Stay tuned for more information! Go to their Facebook page to reserve!

Photoblog: Sunday with Lauren at Sunny Days

Lauren enjoying a tofu vegetable sandwich with cheddar (Sunny Days will let you switch cheese if you ask nicely.) The slice of tofu was marinated, thick, and yum. My Hawaiian Hamburger with pineapple, lettuce, mustard, cheese and house-made bread. The potato wedges were nice as well. A Close-up of Lauren's Tofu Veggie Burger. Here is the owner with her fresh baked multi-grain rolls. The bread is crusty and hearty. I only know one other place that makes their own rolls (Geckos in Itaewon). It's really. pretty darn good. Lauren insisted I take a picture of how I fixed the wobbly table with a bit of newspaper. Oh, and those are her feet. A close up of my burger before I ate every last bite. Sunny Days. In Itaewon below the All-American Diner on the McDonald's End of the street. Definitely worth checking out. I think I might have found my new favorite burger place.