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my students

The it intentionally low???

Milk and Cookies

White Room

William is back

Paying US taxes from Korea

Casino Royale: A rollercoaster thrill ride but strangely reminiscent of a video game!?!

Monday 3rd grade! It's snowing.

Have a good weekend

The Happy Lunatic Attacks again.


5th Grade: Viridian Room

4th Grade DolMakgo Department store

Christmas shopping

Egads! Soju has 540 calories per bottle!!!

7 minutes to my 6th grade class

The Prestige

Money Money Money

I'm selling a bunch of iPod and PC stuff on Daves Esl Cafe

4th Grade Lesson 8, "How much is it?"

I am sick

3rd Grade: I can Swim Parts 3 and 4

Sad iPod: How Matt Damon and Leonardo killed my iPod

I don't know what this is, but I want it!

5th Grade Class, Lesson 16: Did you have a nice Vacation?

TV Show round up.

5000 hits!

4th Grade Classes

Some of my students hate me

아녕하세요 예진!!!!

6th Grade Lesson 15: It's time to go home

Death Note

How to use students to say have a happy holiday to friends and family overseas


3rd Grade: I can Swim Parts 1 and 2

First of all, the 5th grade lesson was horrible.

7 minutes to my 5th grade class

A great ESL game