Homemade Sourdough Bread made in Korea

Homemade Sourdough Bread in Korea
Hey world, 

I have just a few minutes before my children wake up and in that time I catch up on work, look over my investments and make sourdough bread. I am not a fan of sugary and soft breads from the Korean bakeries and with a bit of time and love, it can be made at home. 

This is made from sourdough starter 5 or Evan 5 as I would like to call him. He is a rye based starter that has survived the harsh Korean winter and intermittent feedings (due to my schedule) and come out strong and tasty. 

I have been using a banneton which adds a nice crust. When I move, I will try and get a proper oven to make more bread but for now, I am using a tabletop model. It really is nothing special. One day, I will get some fire bricks in order to add a nicer crust, but for now this works fine. 

I feel like Betty Crocker these days since I am raising kids (2 daughters). Props to my mom and all moms for doing this. I can barely keep it all together. 


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