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The Korean Food Truck Adventures Chapter 8: The Reveal: Ajumama

Hallo, my name in Indigo Montoya.. Wait, that isn’t right.. I guess I should have given away Girl Scout cookies, because only one person took a stab at my questions and they didn’t get a single one right! Oh well, at least I know that next time Thin Mints are the way to your hearts. That said, I should probably finally introduce myself to you dear readers as you have been so patient over the last few months. Hi, my name is Laura, I live in Columbus Ohio and I am the chef/owner of Ajumama- a Korean street food truck that will be hitting the fair roads of my beloved Midwest city in late April. We aren’t going the taco route, we have PLENTY of taco trucks here in Columbus, in fact, there was a mention on Serious Eats about them. That said, the last thing we need here is another thing wrapped in a corn tortilla. What we don’t have is a lot of kimbop, dukkboki, or hoedukk. We have some wonderful Korean restaurants th

Finally a Real Gyro at El Greco?

I love Greek food. I mean one of my first jobs was as a dishwasher at a Greek Restaurant working for the Veriopolas Family. Here I learned how to behave like a good Greek boy. After I learned that, I was allowed to make salads and hang out in the kitchen. At this restaurant I had my first Gyro and it was good. The pita, the tzikiki, the meat, the veggies were all perfectly united. It's a gyro that is quite hard to match and I have had many around the world. So... El Greco is a new establishment over by Gyeonidan. It's a little bit hard to find since it is off the main road and down an alley. It's a small place run by a foreign guy (I think he is Australian because of his accent.) The place has about 8 seats inside. They serve beer and mainly gyros but they had some other sandwiches on the menu. Since it was my first visit, I got a gyro and a Greek beer. The owner was friendly and cordial and 15 minutes later I got my massive gyro. The pita was plush and looked fresh baked a

Fast Recap of Food: Thai Suicides While Setting The Table

Here is a fast recap of food observations I have made in the last few days. / Acai berries and juices are at Costco. The super fruit is available frozen and in juice form. / Paris Baguette is now serving wine at some of their cafe locations. This one is over by Sinsa Station exit 4. / Paris Baguette (and other monster corporations like CJ) are under attack in the Korean media for undercutting local bakeries and forcing them out of business. This came to light as there have been recent reports of small business owners committing suicide because their businesses have failed. / Yum Thai in Sinsadong still has delicious food. Their Penang beef is thick and outstanding and so is their Tom Ka Gao (I think that is correct, their coconut chicken soup). They are looking for English speaking staff. If you know anyone send me an email. / JeJe Coffee in HBC has 1 kilo bags of coffee for those that want to special order. It is quite good. / Set the Table in Insadong has good Korean food in a fancie

Why didn't I think of that: Spiral Cut Pineapple Slicer, Hideaway Bathtub and more

My mother likes to send me fun little e-mails and this one was particularly interesting. I love gadgets. I have gadgets that I buy and later I don't know what to do with, but if it is interesting and fun- there is a good chance that I will buy it. Here is a list of some fun things for the home and kitchen. Dan  

Photoblog: Super Pancakes

We should all try to eat healthier and that doesn't mean that it should taste bad. My friend Brad Curtis invited me other to enjoy a breakfast of Super Pancakes. They are organic blueberry walnut and apple pancakes made with whole wheat flour topped with real maple syrup and butter. Yum.

Seoul Eats Podcast: How to Throw a Korean Dinner Party for friends in the USA

In this radio podcast I talk about how to cook a Korean dinner party for friends and family and about how Americans should work on portion control. Dan