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Guest Review: A Little Piece of San Francisco in Incheon

2/26/2012 16:50:16 Yitzike February 2012 Friends "Fog City International Cafe is a lovely little piece of San Francisco nestled in Incheon. Run by a family which is both American and Korean, this small restaurant and cafe is very welcoming and charming. First, the food: our party of four foreigners ordered the Fog City Cafe thin crust pizza, which I feel is the best pizza I've had since leaving Canada. It was all the little things, like the sauce with just a hint of of peppers to give it that extra kick, the perfectly melted cheese, the fresh ingredients, and the classic taste of a stone baked oven pizza. Next, there was the sourdough. Perfectly fresh, and as the name implies, just a little bit sour. Delicious. Some of the freshest bread I've had in Korea. What was really nice was that we ordered vegetable soup, and the sourdough loaf was used as the bowl for the soup itself. Everything was just perfect, even down to the perfectly brewed black coffee after the meal. Althou

Fat Foodie: Day 5: 177-3

Deep Fried Pickles, deep fried kool aide, ribs 3 ways, brisket, redneck nachos, ice cream, etc. How the heck did I end up losing 3 pounds? I weighed myself for the first time 5 days ago and the scale told me I weighed 177 pounds. One year ago I weighed 165 pounds. My foodie lifestyle is not food for my waistline. I am also not a winter person do I haven't exercised much since it got cold. While being on vacation in Florida, I have been trying to exercise as much as possible. Tonight I weighed myself and I scaled in at 174 pounds! It must have been all the exercise. I have run an average of 7 km a day and I have done about 20 laps in the pool for the last 2 days. The other thing I have been doing is just tasting when I eat. I like traveling with my family because I can order one thing and just take a bite and taste. The best day for tasting was on Saturday when I went to an outside BBQ event called Ribs on the Ridge. In my group there were 6 people and we ate a lot. I think we spen

Photoblog: Freshest Veggies

I love fresh veggies, especially if I can have them picked right off the tree. Here is a photoblog of my visit to Lin and Fae's farm in Winter Haven, Florida. 606 South Starr Lake Blvd Lake Wales Florida 1-863-676-8782

Night Dining Tour Special

The other day we got a request from a Korean TV station to showcase our food tours on MBC TV's 공감! 특별한 세상. The journalists will join the tour and see the how we introduce Korean food through the cuisine. They are also sponsoring half the cost for our tour, so instead of costing 88,000 won it will only be 44,000 won. Plus you'll have a chance to be on Korean national television. This special will only be on this Saturday March 3rd from 6pm. We are limiting this special to 3 people only. We are looking for tourists or people that are new to Korea (having been in the country 2 months or less). Preference will be given to tourists. You can sign up on our website at:

Radio Foodie: How to Pick Tourist Friendly Restaurants

I eat, I write about what I eat, I take photos of what I eat and now I get to talk about what I eat. As some of you might know, I have appeared on Karen Choi's show: Riding Home on Arirang Radio for the last year (I think) and now I appear periodically on TBS eFM's Mainstreet's Food and Beverage Segment. The stations have recently been sending the files, so I would like to share them with you. You can hear me live on Wednesday's at 7:30 on Arirang Radio and Bi-weekly on TBS eFM radio at 11:30. Cheers, Dan  

American Eats: Randy's Diner

I love American diner food. It's home style, hearty and delicious. Te other day when my sister and I were out we decided to stop at Randy's Family Restaurant. The interior is comfortable, nothing flashy; it's clean and homey. We sat in a booth and we were promptly greeted by the waitress and I asked for her recommendations. She said that the house specialties were: blackened grouper, meatloaf, the seafood chowder and the key lime pie. Since I had not been back in the states for a year, I ordered the meatloaf with a side salad and apple sauce. My sister got the jalapeño shrimp poppers and the seafood chowder. Her chowder came out first and it is creamy and had nice chunks of shrimp, clams, and other fish. The creamy broth was thick and a bit heavy. The small chowder was damn big. I don't think I could have finished it all and my sister didn't either. The battered and fried shrimp were nice as well and had a medium level of spice in a butter sauce. My meal started wit

Fat Foodie: Day 3: Back in the Swing

Distance 7.37 km 515 calories 3118 steps 127 calories Breakfast: some leftover Mexican. Lunch: 1 slice pizza and water Dinner: Cooked a Korean Feast: dakbokkeum tang, bulgogi, vegetable sides, kimchi and whole wheat bread. It was a good day for exercise. It was also a good day for shopping and then I followed up by cooking a Korean feast for my family and friends. I woke up early and went for a run and then went shopping at Sam's Club. Sam's Club is big and everything is big. I saw giant jars of pickled feet, huge containers of chocolate covered raisins, tons of beef, pork chops, chicken thighs, cheese, wine and much more. Everything was huge and I bought some gifts for people back home and ingredients for a Korean dinner. I will write about that in my next post. Dan

Fat Foodie: Day 2: Fail

No exercise. Walked 3069 steps so burned 125 calories. Breakfast: none. Snack: 1 chocolate truffle Lunch: 3 pork asados with rice and refrained beans at azteca Snack: Reese's blizzard (small) and a watermelon vodka daquiri Dinner: a couple glasses of black stone merlot and a maker's mark Whisky. I nibbled on a few fries, a bit of bread, some salad with coconut shrimp and 2 bites of caramel coffee cheesecake. Not a good health day. I am suffering from horrible jet lag and only slept like 7 hours in two days and I am forcing myself to stay awake. Today I didn't go for a run because my legs are really sore and I got up late (in Florida it means it was hot). I are too much and drank too much but I think it is because I am on vacation. I plan on cooking a Korean BBQ feast for my family then. I will try to eat better and exercise tomorrow. Dan

A Fat Foodie Loses Weight: Chapter 1: First Steps

Distance: 5.42 km/ Calories: 413 Breakfast: 1 egg over easy 2 slices bacon 2 biscuits A half a tomato Snack: 1 small cup of coffee w/ Irish cream and 1 packet of brown sugar. A yogurt cup with granola. Lunch: Meatloaf from Randy's Diner with apple sauce and a salad with Greek dressing with feta cheese. Half a slice of key lime pie. Dinner: Dakbokkeum tang(Korean spicy chicken with potatoes and carrots) with radish kimchi Snack: 5 jalapeño jelly beans, 3 or 4 daves insanity nuts, Piece of frosted chocolate cake with a glass of whole milk I am in Florida and I am trying to: Have a great vacation, spend time with my family, have fun and lose some weight. Is it possible? I don't know. But what I do know is that it is 1am and I have a bad case of jetlag. I think it was the chocolate cake that got me all hopped up. I thought that if I had exercised a lot that I would wear myself out and then I would be able to go to bed early tonight and I would wake up tomorrow at a normal time and

Events: Saint Patrick's Day on the Han River via Seoulite

Hey guys, We are going to have the BIGGEST Saint Patrick's Day Annual Hooley Party!! Woohoo! Limited tickets! It will be sold out soon!! So don't wait!  Early bird tickets are only available through February 29th!! Get your tickets today! 세 인트 패트릭스 데이가 한달도 남지 않았어요!!!!! 사전구매 할인은 일주일 밖에 남지 않았으니 티켓 구매 망설이시는 분들은 서둘러서 구매해 주세요~ 뒤늦게 후회들 하지 마시구용~^^* 티켓은 여러곳에서 판매되고 있기 때문에 생각보다 일찌기 매진이 된답니다...^^: events/292908864084599/   Seoulite 010-7196-4262

Seoul Snapshots: Namdaemun Market's Hotteok and Pig's Feet

They say a picture says a thousand words. Here are some pics from my recent visit to Namdaemun Market. In the photo essay you'll find the famous japchae hotteok lady, pig's feet and a shirt that has some very funny konglish (Korean English).

Quick Bites: Baby Guinness

These days I feel a bit trapped by format. I think this is why I haven't been posting as much. So I am going to write short posts via iPhone and later I will elaborate further when I can get to my computer. So... Let's get started. Over the weekend I went to Baby Guinness in Itaewon for brunch. I went on a Sunday and we got there around 11:30 (that's when they opened). I got a very spicy bloody Mary and the Guinness stew. The stew was good. It was hearty and you could definitely taste the Guinness. It came with a large side of mashed potatoes and a roll as well (which were both great for dipping into the stew). My friends got burgers and eggs. The fish n chips are really good. My only complaint was that the food takes a long time to come out. My friend that ordered a cheese omelette got her order halfway through our meal. It was big, but something that should have been the last to come out. Baby Guinness is located behind Hamilton Hotel in Itaewon.

Seoul Snapshots: OK Kitchen

They say a picture says a thousand words. Here are some pics from my recent visit to O Kitchen in Seoul.