4th Grade Week of April 10th: Don't do that.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


1. Warm-up: "W" What are some words that start with W. Pronounce W. Wa. Tongue twister:

"Walter was waiting while wading in water."

2. "Don't do that." CD Rom. Listen and Repeat.

Situation Cards. Don't do that. Act out the expressions.

"Don't run near the trees, you could trip."
"Don't fly the kite near the tree, it could hurt birds."
"Don't run in the street, you could get run over."
"Don't climb trees, you could fall down."
"Don't litter!"
"Don't be rough!"
"Don't play with fire!"

3: Don't do that charades. Get the kids to act out one of these expressions and the other kids have to guess what they are doing.

4: If there is time, Alphabet race I-Q Posted by Picasa

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