The Best Chicken In Seoul, Korea Pictures!

Here is Hot Sun's Garlic Baked Chicken
Kevin with some new Korean friends.
Damn...Kevin is Pretty Popular.
Close up of the garlic chicken from Hotsun.
Kyochon's half original and half spicy chicken.

They are like little nuggets of gold.
And here is Two Two's Original Chicken. We also got some salt grilled chicken just to see the difference.

Here is the salt grilled chicken. It was not bad. It was juicy and well seasoned. And below is a close up of Two Two's Original.

Kevin's ranking
1. Kyochon's original
2. Kyochon's spicy
3. Two Two's Salt Grilled

My Ranking
1. Two Two's Salt Grilled
2. Hotsun's Garlic Baked
3. Kyochon's original


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