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Daniel Gray is a long term resident of South Korea. He first came in 2004 and since then he has developed a very successful network and a partnership at O'ngo Food Communications. His blog has been mentioned in the New York Times, Serious Eats, Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern, Lonely Planet, and Gourmet's Diary of a Foodie: Korea: Ancient Food, Modern World.He is a regular contributor to the Korea Herald, TBS eFM radio, and he is the dining editor for Groove Magazine.

Daniel Gray is a writer and a marketer. He has vast experience of the Korean market and he has done consulting work for KTO (Korea Tourism Organization), STO (Seoul Tourism Organization), The Institute for Traditional Korean Food, Nongnimbu (Korea's Agriculture Ministry) and for local restaurants. He wrote the nightlife section of the travel guide: Seoul Book of Everything.

Services offered:

Consulting on how to enter the Korean market, the viability of your product for the Korean Market, and how to get licensing and distribution.

Culinary Tourism and Cooking Classes and The Korean Taste Tour. Recently, my company has started offering Culinary Tours in South Korea. The first type of tour gives a tour of a Korean traditional market and then a cooking class. The second type of tour gives a tasting tour of many different Korean dishes and alcohols. Private Tours are also available. Contact Dan Gray for more information.

Marketing how to promote your product, event,  or services in Korea and around the world. One of the most successful marketing campaign I headed up was for the Institute of Traditional Foods to promote the Tteok Festival. We brought Serious Eats and Chef Rachel Yang (who later went on to appear on Iron Chef America) to Seoul. Serious Eats ended up writing 19 stories on Seoul, it increased awareness of Rice Cakes (tteok), and it helped promote Seoul.

Online Advertising: Seoul Eats has become one of Korea's top food blogs and the blog that most expats in Korea turn to when they are looking for a restaurant. Go here to learn the rates and how to advertise on the website.

Photography. My photographs have been appeared in websites and books all over the world. Most recently my photos were used in a brochure to promote Korean food. I take photos for advertorials and events.

Writing. I've written countless articles and reports on Seoul. Including for My expertise is on: Korean Food, Restaurants in Seoul, Life Style, Seoul Living Tips, Adoption Issues, and Tourism.

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