Where to Watch the Superbowl in Seoul 2010

Go Saints and Colts! (that's who are playing right?)

I received this message from my buddy James:

Hi Daniel,

Before I ask google, I was hoping you can help me with something. I was wondering if there are places in Seoul that will be showing the Superbowl live. It would be a Monday morning for us here in Korea (about 8~9am) so I'm not getting my hopes up... just a spot where I can possibly get a coffee and nurse a short stack of pancakes for 4 hours while I watch the entire game. HA!


So, I decided to send out a couple of e-mails and the first person to respond was the Wolfhound. Yes, they will be celebrating the Superbowl and kickoff is at 8:25am and they'll be serving their entire menu.

Here's Wayne from the Wolfhound:

We are planning on being open for it.  This will be our third year in a row showing it.  It kicks off at 8:25am Monday morning if I am correct.  Our full menu will be open however most people order the breakfast.  If they do order the breakfast expect a wait!
We plan on doing a bloody mary special.
Beer O'Clock in Sincheon will be doing something that evening. Here's Clark from Beer O'Clock.

Hey Daniel,
We won't be showing the game live but will be showing it in the evening. For the Super Bowl only we will be offering our customers CHILI!!! That means...chili dogs, chili nachos,chili fries and....well just chili!
If you can pass this on to your readers we would really appreciate it! The game should start around 8:30.

I just found out that Yaletown in Sincheon will also be holding a Superbowl Party.

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